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  1. SOLD - Track Harness For Sale - Schroth Quick-Fit Pro - $200

    ITEM HAS SOLD. Selling a Schroth Quick-Fit Pro 4-point harness for an E46 Coupe (previously in my '06 M3). Price is $200 plus shipping. The same harness is currently $349 at Bimmerworld (see...
  2. Engine Module Plug Layout

    General E46 Forum
    I recently pulled my engine wiring harness module for some refreshing as I was also pulling the intake manifold for a pass of cleaning, CCV, OFHG, Vacuum hoses, coolant system etc etc from the "I just bought a craigslist E46 task list" I am experienced with both cars and custom circuitry but...
  3. FS: Takata Drift 3 Harnesses (DOT)

    $450 (+$15 shipping and PPal) Located in Northern Virginia. Takata Drift III Harnesses (2) new in open box, literature included. DOT legal, not SFI certified. Four point, bolt in ends, 3" shoulder and 2" lap belts. Bought from Takata, been in a box under my bed most of the winter, never...
  4. Any E46 Schroth Rallye 4 Quick Release Harness

    Parting Out
    Schroth Rallye 4 Quick SCH-16E46 Rallye 4, Fit Harness for E46 3 Series BMW Has been lightly used $$130 Shipped Anywhere in the US !! See Pictures
  5. Wire Loom for Engine Harness

    General E46 Forum
    A quick search didn't turn anything up, so I'm posting... Any recommendations for a product to redo the engine harness wire looms? The existing wire loom crumbles apart at the slightest touch :(
  6. Sale:Schroth Quick Fit Pro Harnesses - Red (driver & passenger)

    Interior This is my second set of Quick Fit Pros. I used the first set on my Audi TT - wouldn't track or autocross without them. The reason I'm selling them is I caged my car and put in full race seats. These...
  7. Any E46 Scroth 4 point harness

    Engine & Performance
    SOLD -- I bought this Schroth Quick Fix harness set for my bmw e46. After 3 uses, I decided to do a full track setup and do not need these anymore. These are essentially brand new. I spent about $700 on these new. I am looking to get $400 for them. If you want more info on these: The Quick...
  8. need help with unique angel eye harness

    Lighting Forum
    A month ago I ordered a set of Orion3 angel eyes from Bavtoys which I was told they were an updated version. I finally received them a week ago and attempted to install yesterday. First I found I was only provided 4/8 of the mounting clips which I emailed about and am still waiting for a...
  9. I need help with my tail light connection

    Lighting Forum
    Hi guy's. Here is the problem. I have recently bought a used pair of eagle eye LED tail lights for my e46 2004 4 door. When i got home, i realise that they were made for 2001 model. Everything fits perfectly. Except for the connection. The connector on my car (2004) IS A 7 PIN, (this is...
  10. Any tips for changing E46 F/R door wiring harness?

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Bottom Line Up Front - Does anyone have any tips before I swap out my F/R door wiring harness? I don't want to buy another one. So, I put in a new window regulator into my '03 325i and broke the airbag connector tabs. That caused the SRS light to come on, it won't reset, and the code shows the...
  11. WTB LED Tail light retrofit adapter harness

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Im looking to buy the adapter harness to retrofit oem led tail lights in my car, new or used as long as they work. need both sides. lmk.
  12. Any E46 Schroth Harnesses

    Price drop! Now only $175 firm I'm selling my e46 so have some fun goodies to sell back to the wonderful fanatics community. I have a drivers side Schroth Quick Fit Harness in sexy Blue. I bought it brand new from Turner Motorsports 11/12. I've used it for ~4 HPDE events so it's still in...
  13. FS: Simpson Harness (3")

    Moving, selling car - no need for this! I bought it very lightly used with a seat combo, never installed but it's in great shape - 3" latch and link Simpson harness. I do not have the substrap, so can be used as a 4 pt or 5 pt if you pickup the substrap separately. $100 shipped!
  14. WTB: Washer Temp Sensor Harness (ref pic)

    Parting Out
    Hi All, I'm looking for just the connector and maybe 2"-3" of the wire (circled in pic) for the Washer Fluid Temp Sensor located on the passenger front fender splash guard where it is tied into the fog light harness. Somebody's gotta have this thing dangling there just waiting for a new home...
  15. Drive Belts Exploded, Wiring Harness Damaged - Help!

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    A bit of a saga - I knew the electric cooling fan in my 2000 328Ci was not working, but the car was not running hot, so I put off replacing it (manual tranny - plug-and-play fan). Well all of a sudden, we get a 98-degree day and apparently the drive belt and the A/C belt, as well as the idler...
  16. 98 BMW aftermarket radio help?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Ok so I have been searching everywhere for someway to put in a two din system but I don't have that normal big square harness everyone has I have a small blue one and no antenna spot. It's a cassette with navigation and a cd changer and also has a car phone if that helps. I will post a picture...
  17. Need advice on repairing OEM radio harness

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I have a 2006 M3 with standard stereo. The previous owner of my car put in an aftermarket headunit and cut 3 wires leading to the factory harness (pins #5, #18, #9) to power the aftermarket stereo. There's about an inch or two of wire sticking from the harness plug. The other side is spliced...
  18. <FS> E46 Schorth QuickFit Pro Harnesses - SOLD

    I have a pair of RED Schroth QuickFit PRO harnesses, one each driver side and passenger side. Used only 3 events, excellent shape, stored out of the sun in a bin in my garage. These can be used with HANS device on the track, that's why I installed them. They are also DOT approved. See more...
  19. Any BMW WTB: Schroth Rallye4

    Found one. Disregard Looking for a new/used Rallye4 harness any color for HPDE use. I already have a QuickFit for my side but need another 4 pointer for the passenger when needed.
  20. Wiring Harness - Can Anyone ID this wire?

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Did the CCV system / oil separator and in putting everything back together, I seem to have lost my way with one of the harness connectors. See the pic - it's the bottom wire of the three lower ones coming out of the harness. I can't figure out where it plugs into. :facepalm: Anyone know? It's a...