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harman kardon fault

  1. 2004 E46 Conv: HK front woofers!

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi there- I realize I probably originally posted this question in the wrong forum. Both front woofers (165mm) units are distorted. The driver side is just plain nasty distortion of anything bassy. The passenger side sounds like someone is continuously hitting a wood block with a mallet. This...
  2. No Power To Radio

    General E46 Forum
    2006 330Ci HK Premium Sound While diagnosing another issue, I pulled a fuse out of the fuse panel to check it. The fuse was in a slot labeled Radio, Alarm, Windscreen Washer System. Immediately upon removing the fuse the alarm system activated and started squawking. I put the fuse back into...
  3. harmon Karden fault in 2002 330D tourer

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi guys, I'm recently converted from being an Audi to a BMW owner! Must say i'm well impressed! The only thing getting to me is the poor quality of sound from the stereo. i've got the Harman Kardon up grade, but it has no bass!!!! I've turn the switch on by the gear change, i've checked the...