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  1. E46 M3
    We are the us importer for CAE Short and super-precise shifting travel, exclusively H-pattern and suitable for 4-, 5- and 6-gear transmissions. The coupling system remains in its original form. The pivot point of the shifter or fulcrum is raised above the trans tunnel 1.5in to allow for a tall...
  2. E46 Showroom
    Its not a e46 but…. its a e36 with our center lock wheels Enjoy http://youtu.be/t0uQa7xHQ4Q
  3. E46 Showroom
    Both running 18x9.5 Stw Center Lock Wheels
  4. E46 Showroom
    I grabbed a stock Alpine/Cinn 04 M3. Parts are showing up so I will be posting the changes. First to go is the TINT Custom Alpine White Ground Control 2way Adjustables Fogs are going away for the new brake duct prototype Custom Black CAE Ultra...
1-4 of 8 Results