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  1. E46 General
    I know that halogen headlights are nothing compared to projectors, but come on. I have driven other cars with halogen headlights and they preform much better. I have had some people tell me that BMW headlights are made to point low from the factory so people don't shine them to high and blind...
  2. Lighting
    Does anybody know where I can get halogen angel eyes for my preface lift coupe? It has halogen lights and I don't want to wash them out with xenon angel eyes. Any help would be really appreciated.
  3. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    I just bought these from Ebay thinking they would fit sedans, but I was wrong. The plastic covers on these are MINT. These headlights are in very good condition, fresh bulbs still inside. I will throw in my dirty sedan headlight lenses. Auction from previous seller...
  4. E46 General
    I have a 03' 325i with ZKW halogens (no face lifts, just stock). My lenses are so fogged I am ready to replace them, tried sanding but have no patience. The AL lenses run about 30 bucks where as the ZKWs run $100-115. Will the ALs fit on my ZKW lights or do I have to bite the bullet and pay for...
  5. Showroom Video Clips
    *Tools needed* A Flat-head screw driver Image aided instructions 1= after removing your blinkers/indicators, pry out the top rubber headlight shield, you can undo the top 3 clips with your fingers and possibly the other 2 sitting next to the grill otherwise you a flathead screw driver. 2= pry...
  6. BC, AB, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
    Hello all, I have had an extra set of halogen headlights sitting in my basement for about a year now. The lights are from a 2004 320i (facelifted, non xenon) I have been thinking about selling the set but I would think that moving these are probably impossible. The headlights are in good...
  7. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    OEM factory non-projector headlight assembly w/ working bulbs from a 2004 E46 sedan. No problems or damage--selling because I replaced them w/ xenons. $200 or best offer, willing to meet anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region. Pictures coming soon! :)
21-27 of 27 Results