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  1. Help: RGB led halo light install

    Lighting Forum
    Hi there I have brought a set of the rgb led halo rings and will be swapping then for my cfl ones that are in my depo headlights. I have one question which is the new led halos only connect to one power source where as the cfl halos that are in the depo headlights now have 2 separate ballasts...
  2. 02 325 XI Angel eye headlights! Help?!?

    General E46 Forum
    Im looking for a good complete headlight kit with the actual lenses,rings and bulbs. i want the bulbs to be 8000k to 10000k blue color. ive looked all over the place and im not exactly sure who to trust. so far i think these look good...
  3. Angel Eyes DIY age old question!

    Lighting Forum
    Ok SO, Got an AE kit, it's all mounted, grounded and attached to the positive terminal. The instructions direct you to tap into the accessory wire on the driver side so they'll constantly be on. Not a fan of that. Ideally I'd prefer to have a switch on the driver footwell to turn then AE on and...
  4. 02-05 face lifted headlights needed

    I'm looking for either the passenger OEM light or for a pair of matching aftermarkets. Halos, angels, etc Text me if they are responsibly priced. I am stationed at fort hood. 4017870121
  5. Valeo headlight.

    NY / NJ / CT
    Which number is the angel eye bulb. H7 H7 PY24W H10W. Now before you all rip into me I am new to BMW. I made a noob mistake of ordering bulbs for my 2011 328I E90 not realizing the headlights were not the same for each car. on the light itself it also says E90/91. I am looking for a bulb that...
  6. Alternator not charging Battery, Loose Connection from alt terminal to battery

    General E46 Forum
    2002 330xi 5speed I was driving at night with my HIDs on and the music loud for 30 minutes. I parked my car and immediately went to start it again but it wouldn't start. All the interior lights came on and everything worked but the car wouldn't turn over. It acted as if the clutch pedal wasn't...
  7. Almost blacked out head/corner lights

    The Showroom
    BTW I can see perfectly fine during night driving with stock headlights Before After
  8. Angel eye halo projector headlight assembly install

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I need help on installing my pre assembled angel eye halo projector headlights. I will post picks but first I believe i connected everything correctly but there are these red and black wires coming from the light that I don't know where it goes. If anyone is good in electrical or just know how...
  9. Angel eyes, yes, again...

    hi guys! its my first post since joining bcoz works been flat out! no time to even scratch myself...anyway, ive got a 2000 BMW E46 4DR Sedan and want to put in some angel eye headlights, but i want to keep my halogen globes, since ive got M-Tech Cosmos Blue low beams and im very happy with em...
  10. Angel Eye Help!

    General E46 Forum I purchased some ccfl angel eyes off ebay for my e46 for 40 bucks. The instructions are garbage! Do I hook each inverter to the same ground bolt and the positive terminal on passenger side? I just want them to come on and stay on all the time. Not looking for a switch just yet. Also mine...