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  1. Que, Ont, NB, NS, Nfld, PEI
    Hi guys, new to the forum... Wanted to if I could get contact information to reputable BMW repair shops in the Toronto (GTA) area. I've found two shops and the dealership..., I need to find a shop that is trusted and recommended without hesitation. I'm sure you all Bimmer owners know, labor is...
  2. Que, Ont, NB, NS, Nfld, PEI
    Whats going on everyone? I was looking around and I came across some threads by some fellow fanatics from south of the border, regarding a 'road-shake' (gesture, or signal to acknowledge each other). I think we should create one as well for us members in Toronto and the GTA. I'm pretty new...
1-2 of 2 Results