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  1. E46 General
    First of all I know this is the wrong sub-forum but it seems like the audio forum doesn't get much attention. I recently came across a used grom bt3 module for an e46. All the wires are making good contact, and I installed the 10 pin connector according to the instructions book. On my iPhone...
  2. Electronics
    I am picking up my 2006 330CI Convertible today, and read that most of these cars had Bluetooth. Am I correct that the below is the mic? If so, if I move to one of the more modern solutions so I can stream music from my Android phone (likley Audiovox Dice MediaBridge or Grom) can I use the...
  3. E46 General
    hi I bought a bmw e46 316 ti, 4 week ago. So i desided to get a grom audio ipod kit (GROM-USB2P) Ýesterday i got it in the mail and i instald it, so im happy until i turnt it on. I cant get it to work. My radio keeps saying no cd. radio model: cd 53 (e46) Type :65.12-6 919 072 this...
  4. Electronics
    cannot get over the simplicity of the install and the quality of the product, the bluetooth connects as soon as i unlock the car and resumes from where i left off on my ipod and the voice control of my iphone works over the bluetooth speakers and microphone. Bluetooth calls work incredible too...
  5. Electronics
    Hi all, im about to buy an ipod adapter and have narrowed it down to the GROM-USB2-BMW or the dice media bridge i do have the 4:3 television monitor minus the navigation drive which would be best guys?
  6. Electronics
    So I've been searching these forums for the past week on how to integrate my iPod into my car stereo...and I still don't know what to do. I have a 2000 328ci with 16:9 widescreen HU w/ cassette. I know that my HU Doesn't support the AUX cable from BMW so this leaves me with either GROM or DICE...
  7. E46 General
    I ordered my GROM audio aux input on Friday last week: http://www.gromaudio.com/store/aux_adapters/grom-aux-bmw.html If you're not familiar with GROM, they make aftermarket ipod, usb, and standard aux input adapters for vehicles. On sale for $60, cheap shipping. Came Wednesday. Installed in...
1-7 of 7 Results