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  1. General E46 Forum
    So today I was driving from San Diego to Orange County. Right about San Clemente I felt very sleepy. I've been dozing off here and there for a few seconds. Then the next thing I know I just hit an armored van. It was a BRINKS van. The image on my mind was that I just ruined the front/right...
  2. ///M3 Forum
    Hi everyone, Going nuts with a noise that was first thought to be the classic Diff going to crap sound. Sound is something that is very noticeable between 20-30mph and smooths out after to the point of not being even noticeable. A whaa whaa whaa that speeds up and slows down with speed. Makes...
  3. ///M3 Forum
    I just recently had a UUC short shifter installed last week. When i shift normally at about 2500-3500 there is no problem and the shift is smooth. when i shift at 6k plus i hear this grinding noise. it is not as loud as a gear grind and i dont feel any vibrations in the shifter but it happens...
1-3 of 3 Results