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  1. Fs: E46 m3, oem side gills.

    Hey, pics are pretty self explanatory, off of my 2006 BMW m3 haven't had them on for 2 yrs, so they have been kept in the box in plastic bag, no damage or signs of wear. The third pic u can see the BMW logo, showing that this is an oem product. please make an offer, and i am willing to...
  2. WTB: Matte Black Fender Grilles

    I'm looking for Matte Black Fender Grilles, pref. in Socal. If someone is parting out and would like to sell me theirs or take my stock ones + cash, please let me know. If you're not Socal, and willing to ship for cheap, let me know as well. I can get the for $50 new, but I don't want to spend...
  3. e46 m3 black grilles+black side gills

    e46 m3 black grilles ($50+shipping)! e46 m3 black side gills ($75+shipping)! or $100+shipping for both! neither have ever been installed! paypal accepted!
  4. FS: OEM grills/gills clear corners NY

    Hi, I have the following for sale: 1 set of OEM side gills - chrome - 40 shipped 1 set of OEM front grills - chrome - 40 shipped Clear corners (screw in type) - SOLD These are off my M3. Will post pics tonight. Thanks
  5. FS: Carbon Fiber Grills + Carbon Fiber Side Gills + Carbon Fiber Lip STRUT

    ALL PARTS CAN BE PICKED UP IN LOS ANGELES/SO CAL Carbon Fiber Grills - $45 + shipping - Many of the tabs are broken on these and some of the plastic cracked, but I superglued it back together. The fit is NOT affected AT ALL; they clip into place just like they should when they are new...