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  1. 2000 323i E46 Valve Cover Leak

    General E46 Forum
    I took my 323i to my mechanic and was told I had a valve cover leak. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as to which parts I should purchase to replace the cover and gasket. I understand OEM is always recommended but will after market parts that exceed OEM specifications...
  2. E46 lifter ticking noise

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, yesterday I did a much needed service. I changed the oil from 5w30 to Mobile 1 5w40, oil filter, cabin air filter, spark plugs and air filter. After the change a strange ticking noise started coming from the engine. I think it is coming from lifters but I am not sure. Also my old spark...
  3. E46 330xi 2005 oil pan leak

    General E46 Forum
    Dealer shows heavy oil leaking from oil pan gasket. Independent M specialist inspected and shows same. Dealer wanted $ 2000 to replace BMW $75 gasket. M specialist sort of didn't want to do it, but wanted $1500. Oil was all over under carriage when I viewed it. car runs GREAT, still gets an...
  4. Head Gasket questions

    General E46 Forum
    so the other morning i noticed a lot of smoke in my cabin (it was dark out and saw it when i opened my door and the lights came on) and milky, yellow looking residue on the oil cap, which makes me believe i blew my head gasket, but unlike the typical blown head gasket, i don't have any thick...
  5. 2004 BMW 330ci valve cover gasket

    General E46 Forum
    Quick question about the valve cover on a 2004 BMW 330ci. My cover was recently damaged at it cracked. I have a new one to replace it but I was wondering if I needed to replace the gasket if I removed the valve cover. The only reason I am hesitated to replace the gasket is because I replaced it...
  6. New Exhaust Gaskets. Louder?

    General E46 Forum
    This seems completely bizarre to me. Could my exhaust actually be louder after the exhaust gaskets were replaced? I just had my Guibo, CSB, and Trans Mt. replaced today. When I picked it up they told me they also had to replace the exhaust gaskets (exhaust must be dropped for access). As...
  7. Oil Leak and Burning Smell

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, I have a 2002 325i and I noticed some oil dripping onto a hose into the engine. I opened the oil cap and noticed some black sludge on it. I drove the car and then opened the cap again and this time white smoke came out and it smelled really bad like it was burning. I just had the head...
  8. E46 coolant problems - no apparent leak

    General E46 Forum
    Having an issue with my E46 Compact. It coincides with the air conditioning blowing, but blowing cold air and then sometimes hot. The coolant level kept showing low and had to be topped up. Had it in the garage, they checked the head gasket, etc. and everything was fine. Ironically, the car...
  9. Moisture in headlight help

    General E46 Forum
    Have a 2000 BMW 323ci changed the lens gasket becuase I had moisture in the headlight took everything off properly changed the gasket in the house so it was warm but still having moisture in the headlight!!! Please help really brings down the appearance of the car
  10. Head gasket blown or PCV valve dirty?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, just wanted a third plus opinion on something regarding my 2000 328i... Pre-story: Overheated a few times on a drive to LA through the grapevine (30min wait between going again, I know I ****ed up here). Months before this, noticed coolant was continually low, so kept topping up...
  11. Gasket?

    General E46 Forum
    Car began steaming from radiator cap & fan. Immediately dropped car off at mechanic. After a week of diagnosis informed today that my gasket blew & fluid was leaking into radiator. Stated cost would be a whopping $2,600! I came on forum for some verification. Although I trust my mechanic in the...
  12. Oil leaking at oil filter housing no matter what I do.

    General E46 Forum
    Hello fellow fanatics! So, I seem to have been losing oil for the past year or so. Every 200 miles I'm having to throw a quart in! There is no dripping on my driveway. Sometimes I can visibly see oil dripping from my oil filter housing. It seems that no matter what I do the o ring comes out of...
  13. One quick cooling question

    General E46 Forum
    I am going to buy a 325i this weekend. I have a report from the last oil change - it says "cooling system is not holding pressure". Does this mean I should stay away? That's catastrophic and indicates a blown head gasket, right? But then underneath it just recommends a standard radiator drain...
  14. E46 330 Exhaust Help Wanted

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Hi guys, I hope some one knows the answer to my questions. Car .. E46 2001 330 ci. Std full twin pipe exhaust ( not two into one pipe ) Problem .. The flat gasket has burst between the pre / post cats flange and I am unclear as how to remove. I thought the exhaust was simply bolted...
  15. Air leak causing loss of power, oil & water?

    General E46 Forum
    Hello fanatics. Problem: The last few months, my car has been very unstable when it's coasting(ranging from 250-1000 RPM). But that's not all. I am also experiencing loss in my water level, up to 0.5 Litres per week (wich is a lot i know) and also up to 1 litre of oil per month! That is not...
  16. Overheated 2004 xi high milage car, Need Advise!!

    E46 Xi Forum
    Hi all, So my car had this problem when I would turn the heater the radiator light would come on and then turn off after turning the heater off. (I was planning to take it for a leak test....) I was driving it on freeway and turned on the cooler and the radiator light came on and stayed on...
  17. bumer gasket/ trim

    General E46 Forum
    Does the E46 have a gasket that runs the whole length of the front bumper or just behind the grill?
  18. Valve Cover Gasket fail problems HELP!

    General E46 Forum
    Gasket is replaced so thats good. While reinstalling I sheared the center stud in the front. (Pic 1) Nearest BMW shop is 65 miles away so can I get away with driving it with it missing? If Not can I seal it with RTV and drive it? Second this little brittle tube next to O2 sensors decided to snap...
  19. Gasket ring on Oil filler cap?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi Guys - I'm leaking from my oil filler cap, so I'm going to replace the cap and while I do it, I'm going replace the gasket ring. Can someone confirm that his is the right part: #13 from here: Or this part...
  20. Exhaust Header Studs

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hey Guys, So I'm in the proccess of putting in my new headers. I wanted to it right so I got all new gaskets. However all threads tell you to buy more studs for the new headers, but my gaskets stagger the holes for the original manifolds. Should I drill the extra holes. If the orignal manifold...