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  1. WTT MY 2001 325 CI for g35 sedan

    NY / NJ / CT
    Hey guys i have my 2001 bmw 325 CI (sports edition). Black exterior with Grey Interior. i would give the exterior of the car 8/10. they are no dings or dangs but just small scratches here and there around the car. interior is in great condition just wrinkles on the drivers seat. Car has 150 k...
  2. Thinking of selling my 330. Talk me out of it!

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, so me and my dad went out and drove some cars today, because he's looking to upgrade his TL. Anyways, one of the cars we looked was a 2007 G35 coupe. I've ridden in a few G35's before, but I don't remember being as impressed as I was with this one. I really do love my car, but it made...
  3. Looking to get a M3

    ///M3 Forum
    hey guys, i currently drive a 05 G35 Coupe 6MT, but im looking to get a 2002-2004 M3. my concern is how much preventive maintenance should be done after 100k? also is there anything i should be looking for in a 02-04 M3, any major problems with the SMG system? id prefer to get a 6MT but there is...
  4. 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe Black 6spd

    Complete Cars - Private
    2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe Black 75,xxx miles mostly highway 6 Speed MT 19" OEM Rays forged powder coated black Black leather Premium/Sport package HID headlights, Automatic climate control 8 way power driver seat and four-way passenger seat Heated seats In-dash 6 disc CD changer Bose sound system...
  5. g35x


  6. Andy's G35

    Andy's G35

  7. Andy's G35

    Andy's G35

  8. LIVE G35 . . . . .

    LIVE G35 . . . . .

  9. G35 6MT & coupe

    G35 6MT & coupe

  10. G35 6MT & coupe

    G35 6MT & coupe

  11. G35 6MT & coupe

    G35 6MT & coupe

  12. G35 & E46 Coupe

    G35 & E46 Coupe