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fzv antenna

  1. both key fobs just stopped working

    E46 Convertible
    Hoping for some help... 2002 E46 convertible It has become very cold where I live (10-20 degrees) and the key fobs seemed to be getting slower to respond. Now both key fobs are not working at all - no response from car. I tried to resync several them but no response from car. They start the...
  2. '03 E46 325xi 4-door w/ locking issues

    General E46 Forum
    This is slightly different that some of the older threads I've seen... I'm not sure that this is a GM5 issue, but am leaning towards a FZV antenna issue... 2003 325xi (E46) 4-door w/ ZSP Problem started years ago (4-5+) initially started on winter days, with one key worse than others... Now...