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fuel pump for sale

  1. E46 325 Free used fuel pump + shipping

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    Have a working fuel pump that just came out of my 2001 325i at 80K miles (replaced as PM). If anyone can use it, it's free, just pay shipping/paypal fee.
  2. Any E46 VDO-Siemens Fuel Pump 16146752499 and DUAL VANOS seals

    Engine & Performance
    I have sold my e46 and now have a couple of parts lying around. Putting them up on ebay sometime soon if my phone ever decides to work. Bought the parts from Autohauzusa a little while back but never got around to installing. Anyway complete fuel pump and Dual Vanos seals for sale. 100 for...
  3. 2001 325i fuel pump for sale

    Engine & Performance
    Hey everyone. I replaced my fuel pump to find out it wasn't necessary. So now I have a used fuel pump on ebay if anyones interested. Im now only asking $35.00.