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  1. Facelift Coupe Front Lip Project

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    So, I drive a facelift coupe and like many other users have expressed, the front bumper feels like its... missing something. So I was inspired by a user on here named Flop who made this prefacelift front lip from eBay fit So I bit the bullet and jumped right in. About a week and a half later...
  2. E46 M3 ACS Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler

    Hi guys, I have a used ACS (Replica) M3 front lip for sell. 99.99% of you know what this is, one of my all time favorite mods on a M3 front. It will fit all E46 M3 bumpers. I've had this part on my car for almost 2 years. Recently made some modifications on the car and this part has been...
  3. WTB : e46 AC snitzer front lip !! ASAP

    I'm looking for this front lip asap. Please contact me via email if you know anyone selling.
  4. E46 M3 Imola Red Strassentech Rep 2 piece Front Lip

    So the part out of my car has begun and everyay i will list up a new part as it comes off of the car so first up is the Strassentech rep Front lip 2 piece lip, the carbon on the first part was chipped and cracked so i wrapped it with 3m carbon, it is kinda scratched in the front part from the...
  5. WTB WTB E46 M3 Strassentech Front Lip

    Looking for an Alpine White or unpainted Strassentech Front Lip for my E46 M3. I'm located in Orange County .. thanks! -Brent
  6. Pictures from the last track event... E9XM3 Aero testing!!

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    I went to the track with the guys at Platte Forme A.G. to Buttonwillow recently. They were out there testing their new aero package for the E9XM3 chassis. They were definitely out there working/testing their cars, the E90M3 had the race splitter installed when they first came and after a couple...
  7. FS: Authentic AC Schnitzer front lip with struts

    Ive got an authentic AC Schnitzer front lip with struts for sale. Preferably I would like to trade for a stock or csl bumper with no license plate holes (in TiAg of course) for mine with the lip but I will sell the lip separately if needed. New the lip is approx $2,600 plus another $400 for...
  8. FS: ACS Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip + Strut

    NEW PRICE: $90 + SHIPPING Check Post #6 for more pictures Alright guys, so today I posted up the CF struts in another thread with my grills/gills (which have been sold). A few of you have pmed me about the them, but I just decided to sell the lip that goes with the struts also. This is a AC...
  9. Vorsteiner V-CSL Front Bumper 1-Piece Race Carbon Fiber Splitter

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    Hello everyone! We have 5 of these front splitters in stock & ready to ship. This is a discontinued item so get them before they're all gone! Please contact me for a quote. Be sure to include your zip code! We can ship these to anywhere in the world as well! Thank you very much...