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  1. 2002 330xi Front Axle Replacement

    E46 Xi Forum
    I recently changed out both front axles on my 330xi. I also changed the bearing assembly on the passenger side axle. We also change the rear lower A-arm bushings. Since we did the work the traction control light, brake light and I believe ABS light have stayed on. During the axle replacement...
  2. Front axle replacement tips

    E46 Xi Forum
    I haven't posted very much, and I just busted out my passenger side cv axle, and thought i would post a couple of tips to completing the job. It was my first time replacing an axle on an e46, but it was pretty straightforward. A couple of things that I learned while doing it: 1. Make sure you...
  3. 325xi Front Axles

    Wheels and Tires
    Brand new never installed FEQ (First Equipment Quality) Axles Driver side - $100 Passenger Side - $150 Both - $225 Prices Includes Shipping
  4. Front drive shafts: final answer?

    General E46 Forum
    This is a 2002 325XiT Sportwagon with the GM automatic tranny. 125k miles. After driving for a while (1hr or more) I start getting a front end vibration upon acceleration, more pronouced if using the steptronic mode. I also get a vibration if I force a downshift using the steptronic mode. I...