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  1. | Genuine BMW License Plate Frames!

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    Represent! Shop Genuine BMW License Plate Frames & Namplates here! We offer the full line of Genuine Original BMW license plate frames in all styles and finishes for your Ultimate Driving Machine! Shop 'em HERE!
  2. E46 M3 BMW Front License Plate Bracket Silver Grey Metallic (SGM A08)

    Sold my last M3 so trying to sell the stock parts which I have no use for. For sale is Genuine BMW Front License Plate Bracket painted Silver Grey Metallic (SGM A08) Price $30 + $5 Shipping OEM Rear license plate lights (Covers + Bulbs) NO LED Price $10 Shipped
  3. WTT: Chrome M/// & BMW License Plate Frames for Black

    As the title says... they came on the car and I'm going blacked out just looking to see if anyone has black and wants to trade. Send me a pm or text at 3035232835 Located in San Diego Jesse
  4. NEED! please! Shift Boot Frame!

    Parting Out
    My car did not come with the shift book frame that supports the actual boot...the previous owner just glued it on... so can anyone, especially those parting out, or those who know where they sell these, know where i can find a shift boot frame? i have an '04 325i.. this is a picture of my...
  5. BMW License plate frames x2 like new!

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
  6. FS: M3 License Plate Frame

    Metal/chrome frame. $10 picked up
  7. e46 Subframe repair

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys here's a link to my repair that a good friend did. The process of taken off everything was quick. I had the whole exhaust, driveshaft, and rear end off in about 2hrs... But the whole process took well over 12 hrs to complete... Car is a whole new car... I was amazed how bad it really...
  8. license plate frame

    General E46 Forum
    anybody know of a good/cheap place to get a pair of solid license plate frames i.e. with the M logo, etc..?
  9. Rear speaker replacement custom adapter

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    The rear non-hk speakers in the e46 are horrible and so I decided to replace them. Instead of going with 6.5 inch speakers I opted for 5.25's. First thing I noticed was the discrepancy in the number of screws which hold the original speaker in (3) and the number of screw fittings in the after...