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forced induction
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  1. Forced Induction Forum
    hi y'all I've done all my maintenance I can, except for preemptively replacing my pcv system and the vanos unit, I want to do headers as my next mod for power. the AA headers run about 600 usd, but if I buy these I have to go the s/c route or stay N/A. I lowkey want to just spend 2k on the cx...
  2. Forced Induction Forum
    Hey dudes, New to the forum and my first forum post at all. Thing is, just as the title says, I just bought an e46 328ci M52B28 supercharged with the Eaton M62. I was able to find only one other informative post about it with a chart I'm not fully comprehending. At this point, I'm sure the...
  3. Motorsports & Track Forum
    Hello all, I recently purchased a 3 series and been driving it about a year now. I've decided to purchase a new car and retire this e46 to the track. I have a few mods and I have shown the car on The Smoking Tire with Matt Farrah from the Drive network. Here is that clip...
  4. Engine & Performance
    I have here for sale a DINAN SR3 Intercooled supercharger kit. The kit is currently installed on the car and testing the waters to see interest before removal. No problems at all.. great power and reliability! Kit cost over $20,000 to be installed parts, tax, and labor. This kit includeds...
  5. NY / NJ / CT
    ///Mean Green will be on display @ Bimmerfest East in the Active Autowerke booth... be sure to stop by:)
  6. Engine & Performance
    I made 487rwhp with this. Polished old style intake manifold. Comes with all necessary parts, including the installation manuals. I'll also throw in an Elite Engineering catch can and a VDO boost gauge. I had NO issues with this kit at all. Run it 13,000 trouble free miles. I had the...
  7. Forced Induction Forum
    Hi guys, Has anyone ever looked into hooking up a waterinjection kit to their supercharger systems for more power and eliminating knocking problems ? If so, was it worth it, what did it cost how did you do it ? Maybe someone of ESS of AA can also reply ? Any feedback is appreciated ...
1-7 of 7 Results