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  1. DIY fog light removal Question

    General E46 Forum
    I've seen how to remove fog lights on the pre facelifted cars. What I'm trying to figure out is if anyone know how to remove the fog lights on a 2004-06 330ci non zhp. I've been searching, trying to figure out how to remove them but came up short.
  2. Question about HID Fogs

    Lighting Forum
    I want to make my fogs HID as well. I was thinking about getting this kit. Does anyone know if I need to get the error eliminator and/or adaptor cables?
  3. Fog lights housing

    General E46 Forum
    Well I noticed one of my fog lights lense has a crack and in need of replacement. It looks like the whole housing must be replaced cause I don't see any lenses for sale. Everywhere I look, it cost around $100 for one. Anywhere I can buy a pair for cheaper? I was also kind of thinking about...
  4. 20" Giovanna Kilis Matte Black Wheels

    General E46 Forum
    Bolt 5x120 Offset +35 $950 I have a set of Matte Black 20" Giovanna Kilis wheels. These wheels are brand new, never been mounted. Some of the boxes to the wheels have not even been opened and have all wheels in original boxing. I got them straight from wtwcorp. The wheels have a 5x120 bolt...
  5. ***help hid fogs

    General E46 Forum
    Running 8000k Xenon replacement bulbs for my headlights...The Angel Eyes are on the way and will be used as DRL's ... any suggestions on what would looks nice for fogs?? alot of my friends are suggesting really bright yellow like 3000k JDM style to go with my headlights.. But yellows is not...
  6. LCM swap pinout help

    Lighting Forum
    Hello everyone! I have a question I'm hoping someone here can help me with. My euro-e46 came with rear fogs, but no front fogs. I've installed a pair of front fogs in my M-tech2 bumper, and I want to connect them. (I'm swapping my LCM/LKM front plate, from one to two fog switches.) Most of the...
  7. FS: ZHP/M3 right (passenger side) fog light NEW

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    For sale is a brand new aftermarket ZHP/M3 right (passenger's side) fog light. I originally bought a set for my ZHP, but since I sold it, I no longer need it. $25 shipped Paypal accepted
  8. 55w hid's in m3 fogs?

    Lighting Forum
    :eek: im about to buy some 55 watt hid's off ddm tuning. I want it to go in the m3 fog light housing but im a little iffy about the heat output in such a small housing. anyone have this set up? or think it'd be ok? thanks guys.
  9. How many people have had problems with 55watt HID Fogs?

    Lighting Forum
    Just curious, how many people have problems with running 55/50 watt hid fog lights? I've tried searching but maybe my key words suck because i don't get too many hits. *EDIT* i should rephrase, how maybe people run 55watt hid fogs? Do you have problems? I'm looking for first hand experiences...