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  1. Clutch Slipping, bad clutch disk or DMF?

    General E46 Forum
    04 zhp 6spd, 247km As far as symptoms go, no irregular noises on startup or shutoff, and no wierd feel in the clutch pedal. Engagement point is definitely higher since it has started to slip. Based on what I have read online this seems to just be a worn-out clutch, but want to see what you...
  2. FS: Valeo Single Mass Flywheel from 835101

    Engine & Performance
    For sale is a used single mass flywheel from Valeo’s 835101 single mass conversion kit for M54B30/6-speed cars. I pulled this from a 6-speed 330xi but then decided to go a different route for my car. This flywheel can be cheaply resurfaced and then paired with Valeo’s 828501 service kit...
  3. Starting problem after installing lightweight flywheel

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, First post here and in the coming days I’ll be a first time e46 owner. I'm about to purchase a 99 323i sedan with a starting issue and wanted to see if anybody here has had a similar issue before. Previous owner installed a stage 4 clutch and a lightweight single mass flywheel...
  4. Dual-Mass Flywheel Question

    General E46 Forum
    I am doing a auto to manual swap on my 2004 330xi. last week I found a salvage yard that had the exact year and make as my car, but with a 6mt. Today I finished taking off the transmission on the salvage car, I took everything I needed besides the flywheel because it rocked back and forth. Let...
  5. Trouble with bell housing bolt

    E46 Xi Forum
    Hey guys, was hoping to get some advice, I'm having quite a bit of trouble right now - currently doing SSK, clutch, and flywheel on my 2003 6spd 330xi and I cannot for the life of me get off one of the top bell housing bolts. I've already taken off the transfer case. Facing towards the front of...
  6. E46 325xi lightweight flywheel

    General E46 Forum
    I just purchased myself a 2002 325xi with a lightweight swap and new front suspension and it is very different than my auto 325i haha. I just wanted to say to anyone wanting to do a lightweight flywheel swap that they should highly consider it. This car is very quick now! yes it does have some...
  7. Clutch + Flywheel Combo

    ///M3 Forum
    I'm due for a clutch replacement and want to know if the Sachs + JB combo is good for a street putter, SMG, M3?. I'll put in a new OE fork lever, spring clip, throw out bearing and brass pivot pin as well. Other recommendations appreciated like ACT? They look ok but are more expensive... The...
  8. Single and duak mass flywheels

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Pros and cons of a dual over single? Ive got an 04 325i 2.5l manual trans how do i check to see if I have single or dual with out pulling the starter? I didn't see an inspection plate but could be wrong
  9. Clutch and flywheel replacement

    E46 Xi Forum
    Hi everybody! I have to replace the clutch and most likely the flywheel as well in my 2003 325xi wagon. Just wanted some suggestions on weather there is any better options than oem in a similar price range. I'm not looking to spend more than I have to but wouldn't mind spending a couple hundred...
  10. UUC Lightweight flywheel (and clutch) REVIEW

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Finnally got around to making a video review. 03 325i Let me preface by saying that this modification was not born out of- "Oh hey I have a crap ton of extra money and I think I'll blow it on a new clutch and flywheel so I can spend 4 weekends...
  11. ISSUES with UUC Flywheel and Clutch

    General E46 Forum
    Hi All I have a 2005 330ci with a UUC lightweight Flywheel and clutch. The kit only has about 55,000KM on it and it's starting to slip pretty bad the last couple of weeks. I don't have a supercharger or Turbo on the car and i only track it couple times a year, so there is no way that it could...
  12. Any E46 UUC Motorwerks Stage II Flywheel

    Engine & Performance
    Pulled out of my E46 2002 325ci Figured i'd see if anyone here is interested, great shape, no deep wear on the pressure plate, interchangeable pressure plate as well. Decided to go to a more stock feeling clutch kit.
  13. Need a new clutch for my supercharged 325ci

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I have a 2002 325ci, It's time for me to get a new clutch. Main problem being I have a supercharger so I'm trying to decide which clutch to chose for practicality, fun on the streets, and something that can handle the stress. I don't track my car so that's not anything to worry about...
  14. FS: Stage 2 Clutch Kit with Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel

    Engine & Performance
    I returned my 05 330I ZHP car to OEM stock setup for the clutch/flywheel and am looking to sell the Clutchmasters FX250 Clutch Kit w/ Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel that the PO had installed about 15-20K miles ago. The clutch grabs hard and doesn't slip. I am simply not tracking the car and for...
  15. E46 m3 lightweight flywheels

    Has anyone had experience with lightweight flywheels in the m3? Been reading about them and apparently they chatter like all hell. Only reason I ask Is because I'm changing out the clutch and don't know if I should stick with the dual mass fly wheel or change to single mass or lightweight...
  16. Clutch slipping with lightweight flywheel

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    So the other day my 99 328i with 5 speed manual just started slipping really bad out of nowhere. I have had one slip before but never so abruptly. It also began making a noise in neutral that sounded like a diesel. The sound went away with the clutch in. Took out the transmission and have...
  17. Clutch and flywheel overhaul

    ///M3 Forum
    Hey, My rear main seal has been leaking for a little while, so I decided to replace everything that I can in one shot. I drive 2005 m3 cupe, with manual stransmission, the car has 104K miles. I am planning on replacing the following: Clutch with pressure plate. Flywheel Rear Main Seal...
  18. E46 M3 FS: UUC lightweight flywheel & clutch kit

    Engine & Performance
    Up for sale is a flywheel & clutch kit that I bought here on the forum from Sman1023. I never installed it because I decided to stay with stock parts. (I got the transmission unbolted and found the flywheel was in good shape, so I just replaced with a new clutch kit.) I paid him $850 shipped...
  19. Any E46 Slotted Rotors and UUC Flywheel For Sale

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    Parts came with my 99 328i E46. Don't need them. Pair of brand new OE-type slotted/plated replacement brake rotors with stainless steel brake lines. From UUC SKU is OEROTORF34173. Asking $200 plus shipping. Used UUC lightweight flywheel. No other details. Make offer. Used left fuel sender...
  20. E46 330 FS Flywheel+Clutch Kit

    Engine & Performance
    Hello all, Recently sold my e46 330ci but have a couple of parts left over. Dual Mass Flywheel by LUK Full Clutch Kit by LUK (5 Speed) Both are Brand new and never fitted. Bought for my 2001 E46 330CI but unfortunately due to a crash no longer own. Parts are surplus to requirement now so...