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  1. E46 M3 looking for a carbon gtr hood

    Im looking for anyone willing to sell a single or double sided Vorsteiner hood, any Asuka or Flossman hoods are welcome as well. Paint is not an issue but steel grey is prefered. It will be going on a 2002 e46 m3 coupe. PM me or post if your selling and please give me an asking price.
  2. Custom GTR Diffuser *The Danielson* |Flossman Widebody|

    The Showroom
    See below for pics of my new custom diffuser and exhaust relocation. Work done by Unobtanium Welding in Calgary, Alberta. Unbelievable custom fabricator and aerospace qualified welder. Check out his Facebook page:
  3. M3racing's| OFFICIAL BUILD THREAD past-present-future

    The Showroom
    Hey guys'! so I figured with the new things I am planning to accomplish over this winter that I should make a build thread to document the process. A little background on the car. It is a 2001 BMW e46 M3 which I bought in November of 2004 with 29k on the clock. As of now it is just under 50K...
  4. M3 GTR hood, Flastic?

    General E46 Forum
    Ive been looking around for GTR style hoods and i like the vent style of the original flossman hood. the vents are much wider and pronounced : I came across this brand, flastic...
  5. Feeler: Full Carbon Fiber Flossman Vented GTR Hood for E46 M3 - Painted Carbon Black

    I would like to gauge if there is enough interest for me to sell my Flossman hood. Flossman is the first to make a replica of the vented hood on the BMW M3 GTR race car. It is full carbon fiber with a few fiberglass support braces. It is lighter than most, if not all, aftermarket hoods for...