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  1. ESR SR08 18 x 8.5 +30 Fitment

    General E46 Forum
    Hi All, Does anyone have experience with ESR SR08 fitment? I have searched the forum and the 18" thread, but did not see any examples of this wheel. My Car: 2002 325i sedan Lowered on Bilstein B14 PSS. Front dropped 2 inches Wheels I am considering: ESR SR08 SR08 Machine Face Silver 18 x...
  2. 17x9 et35 up front?

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    My car has h&r lowering springs front and rear and I was wondering if it would be possible to run a 17x9 et35 square setup without significant modification to the fenders. this car will see track time so I don't want any rubbing whatsoever. Tire will probably be a 245 or 255. Fairly certain the...
  3. fitment issue and tire wear

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hello, i have an 04 325i, my father generously gave it to me after owning it for a few years from someone who had his fitment setup. Previous owner did a lot of work to it, and since i got it, my father and i have also done a ton of work on it. It came with Beyern Mesh wheels. The tire wear was...
  4. 328ci fitment

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hey everyone! I was looking at getting some Rotiform RSE’s and was wondering if i could pull off a 17x8 +35 or a 17x9 +40? Which one would be better fitting? I’m looking to be as flush as possible without modifying fenders. Also would 245/40/17s fit? Ideally looking at running the meatiest tires...
  5. PLZ Help if you know trannies

    General E46 Forum
    We bought an early 03 coupe 325Ci & want to install a manual tranny. I understand most of how to do that, but I am not a BMW tranny encyclopedia. We found in a 96 E36 in salvage but the tranny says "BMW" on the side. at 1st glance it looks like it will work .. but I checked at RealOEM and...
  6. Rims e36 to e46

    General E46 Forum
    Im about to buy some wheels for my e46 2000 328ci on stock suspension right now rocking the stock 16s. found online rims for sale from a 96 e36 17 inch. good deal 350 dollars. kind of concerned about rubbing and fitment. serious replies only. i attacted an image of the rims as seen from the...
  7. Opinions Wanted: All-Season or Summers? Wheel/Tire Sizes and Fitment

    General E46 Forum
    Tried posting this in wheels and tires but seeing as there hasn't been any responses I'm moving it here. The time is quickly coming for me to pick up some new tires for the M3. I'm trying to decide between all seasons or summers. The car is my daily that I take back and forth to college. Since...
  8. Opinions Wanted: All-Season or Summers?/Tire Sizes and Fitment

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    The time is quickly coming for me to pick up some new tires. I'm trying to decide between all seasons or summers. The car is my daily that I take back and forth to college. Since I drive through Flagstaff four times through winter, I'm worried about driveability in snow. Prescott also has the...
  9. Tire/rim fitment

    E46 Xi Forum
    I have a 2004 330xi and just bought new rims for it but am not sure of what tire size I should put on it?? I just purchased 8x18in rims with an offset of 30 and want to know what size tires will fit. I know that 225/40 will fit just fine from experience but I want to go as wide as possible...
  10. Will a style 32 fit my e46?!?!?

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    I know its been asked 100 times, I've looked everywhere and can not get a straight answer. And with photo bucket now wanted money to see pictures it makes it that much harder. Anyway, I've got a an e46 coupe that I have been dying to stuff some style 32s under. I know it would be tight...
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    agressive wheels
  12. Need help with wheels for 2001 325ci

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    I'm new to this all. Can anyone tell me if 17x8 +40 offset will fit my 2001 325ci coupe with sport suspension I can't find anything online.
  13. Can't decide on tire size. Help!

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    Need help from fitment pros. Recently picked up a set of Style 89 wheels to throw on a 2009 e92 335i xdrive. They are 19x9 et24 & 19x10 et24. Due to the xdrive, tire selection is limited. Should I run 235/35/19 & 265/30/19 and play it safe or would it be possible to run 245/35/19 & 275/30/19...
  14. Rim help 2003 BMW 330xi

    General E46 Forum
    2003 BMW 330xi rim help I own a pair of 5x112.5 235/35/r19's. I plan on buying a 3/4" OR 1" spacer/adapters to attach on my 5x120 hub. I just want to know if anyone can help by giving me advice on how to make my 19s fit my BMW. Any help is great, but please talk simple terms with a lot of...
  15. Stock intake boot fitment causing codes?

    General E46 Forum
    Last month I replaced both intake boots (20014 325 Ci) with stock parts from the dealer. With the lower boot fitted properly and the hard plastic collar/adapter in place between the upper and lower boots, the upper boot almost doesn't fit on the MAF. It is pulling down very hard and is causing...
  16. WTB Work Meister S1 !

    Wheels and Tires
    So i let the deal of my life slip by because i wasnt sure of fitment sizes :/ so now im on the hunt!! 19x9 & 19x10 +8 Or 19x11 +23 Something around those specs! - Preferably white faces Cash in hand and ready to buy My car needs wheels badly as you can see :(
  17. E46 sunroof installment issue

    General E46 Forum
    Hey everyone, I have an E46 coupe facelift, recently I have to replace the sunroof. My main question is, is there a main difference between the sunroof on the E46 coupe and sedan? Thanks for any help ! :thumbup:
  18. Advice on New Tire Sizes!

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Currently drive a 2004 BMW 325i lowered on H&R sport springs. I have the following wheel/tire package installed: FRONT: 18x7.5" ET49 (215/40R18), REAR 18x8.5" ET52 (245/35R18). I would like to upgrade to FRONT: 225/40R18, REAR: 255/35R18. Will I be able to fit a 225 tire on a 18x7.5 wheel...
  19. M Tech 2 Lip & Sunroof question

    General E46 Forum
    Alright two quick questions. First off my sunroof has been broken for some time now and I finally decided to dig into it this past weekend. The sliding clips for the actual glass piece are shot so figured it's easier to just replace the entire sunroof cassette. I have the opportunity to get a...
  20. Style 128 Will they fit 3-series?

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    i will like to buy a pair of style 128 replica 18" to my BMW e46 3-series - but will they fit? - Anyone got pics? Specs on the wheels 18" 8,5 ET20 18" 9,5 ET14 Thanks for your advice! :P