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  1. My first car. 316i to 320i engine swap questions

    E46 Engine Swaps
    Hello everyone, first timer here. I currently have a 2001 316i with ~300000kms which, albeit fun to drive, seems to me as lacking in power. I am somewhat mechanically inclined but still inexperienced, so I looked online and found some mechanics who will swap an engine from a 320i for around...
  2. Bmw e46 m3 for first car

    ///M3 Forum
    Hey guys I am currently 15 and have been saving for an e46 m3 since i was 14 so is a good car and I won't listen if you say no you will hit a tree also I don't need the car to pick up girls but will it (just an interesting fact to know) oh yeah a nd btw it would be in lsb
  3. First Car E46 M3

    ///M3 Forum
    I really want a E46 M3 as my first car stick of course cause what fun of having an M3 if it's not stick? The only problem is I don't know how to drive stick. I'm worried about getting ripped off also not knowing much about the E46 M3. Please Help
  4. New User

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys! I am about to purchase my first e46 and I've been looking for forums and I believe I found the best one... I wanted to start off by introducing myself. My name is Brad and I live in West Palm Beach, FL. The e46 will be my first car as I am turning 16 in October. I used to be into...
  5. Is 2003 BMW 330ci 5 Speed First Car?

    General E46 Forum
    Alright guys, i'm 16 and looking for my first car and leaning towards a '03 330ci. I'm a pretty handy guy so any repairs that have to be done that don't require and fancy dealer tool/computer I can DIY in my driveway. I don't have to drive any far distances so the mileage would be low and i'm...
  6. First car (330ci) opinions?

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, i'm new to this forum and would like to get BMW enthusiasts' opinions on this car that I am looking at. The car is a 2001 330ci with a m3 body kit and wheels. It has 54k original miles and the guy is only asking $6500. I have talked to the guy and he said the reason it has a "rebuilt"...
  7. Buying my first BMW

    General E46 Forum
    Hello everyone, I know very little about cars but I would like to learn a bit but also have a nice car to drive. I just moved to Jacksonville, Florida and am looking to buy my first car. I have looked through multiple forums and shopped on multiple sites. It would be great to get a little...
  8. My First Car - E46 M3

    The Showroom
    Hello E46Fanatics! This is my first thread on E46F, and am very excited to say, that after well over 6-months of searching for my first car, I have settled on an this beautiful Titanium Silver 2003 BMW M3 SMG. I purchased her just under 2-months ago now. When I got her, she had just a tick over...
  9. Hopeful 325i / Ci owner!

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys! The name's Adam and I'm a new user to this forum. Since I was young i've always had a fascination with BMW's and because of their outstanding look and high performance factor. The E46 is a car of my childhood which i've always admired and I'm now in the market of purchasing my first...
  10. First car BMW e46 320Ci.

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys, This is m first post :s I currently have a e30 318i but its time to part from it and ive only had it for 6 months. So im looking at buying my first car that i plan on having for a while ( a 320Ci MY2001) Now im wondering are they any good, yes i know they dont have incredible amounts...
  11. My first E46

    General E46 Forum
    So i'm looking to buy my first e46, and car in general to be honest, so go easy on me:eek: So i've been looking at buying this 2001 320i E46 for about $11,000AUD (will attach photos at end) and i have an idea of what i would like it to look like (also will attach photo) Now i need some advice...
  12. Should I buy it? 1999 328i sedan

    General E46 Forum
    I'm a fifteen year old, about to be sixteen, looking for my first car. I love Bimmers, so naturally that's pretty much all that I'm looking at. I recently found a 1999 328i sedan (5spd manual, 160k) for $5k obo on craigslist. I haven't gone to look at it yet, but I'm planning on going this...
  13. Few questions about buying E46

    General E46 Forum
    OK guys, so I`m looking at the E46 models around 2000-2002. I want it to be a 4 door sedan. I`m not yet sure wheather to buy diesel or petrol car. As far as I know diesels are much more expensive to repair if something goes wrong, which is likely to happen with a secondhand vehicle. I`ll be...