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    [CENTER]Want to get your hands on some weight reducing, curb appealing FRP & CFP Aero for your BMW? IT'S SUPER SIMPLE! Follow the steps below to get the LOWEST PRICE AVAILABLE ANYWHERE Step 1: Find what you like on my website www.extremedimensions.com (this site is my full product catalog)...
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    Before I begin, I own an e46 m3 from 2003. So here is the story of what happened... I bought a couple of FRP products from different distributors... The first was a CSL rear bootlid for my m3... and it was... how to put it... hidious. The fiberglass was of poor quality, the epoxy resin that...
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    Today, our front bumpers are up for grabs. Here are the rules go to -> WWW.EXTREMEDIMENSIONS.COM Check out our front bumpers for the E46 and PM me or post your part request & zip code for a fast easy quote, you will get the lowest price on front bumpers today only. The quote is only good for...
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    Woke up and got a stupid idea....:idea: so i thought! But after long thought and several measurments... decided to add speakers to my rear door. :woot:While I was at it, i threw in two tweeters for the hell of it! Everything is layed out. Tomorrow ill start pouring on the resin. Ill keep you...
  5. Mobile Electronics Forum
    Just finished my 10" midrange build in my 325i.:excited: Fiberglassed into the rear. Hardly takes up any space and loud when you want. Best part is when im parked at night no one knows any better because they cant see them.:ben:
  6. General E46 Forum
    I'm looking into picking up a fiberglass csl trunk from eurospec and was wanting some input. Because this is fiberglass, after painting it, is the paint wavy? Also, does this trunk come primed already?