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  1. I Need Passenger Fender to 2001 325Ci Convertible

    E46 Convertible
    Im Looking for a used fender in good condition for 2001 325 Ci Convertible DM 805 807-4509
  2. E46 M3 WTB: Front End

    I'm looking for the front end to an M3. I'm also located in Anaheim California and willing to pay for shipping if you're willing to ship. Bumper+support bar, fenders, hood
  3. E46 M3 body parts

    I have two sets of front fenders one set is white 250 and the other is a matte grey 200 also 2sets of doors silver 250 white 250 bunch of other misc stuff PM for anything you want maybe I have it one rear bumper for m3 white 200
  4. Any E46 brand new never painted facelift and pre facelift parts

    Oem fitment parts great prices package deals available
  5. Will the wheels fit?

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hey guys! im going buy some wheels this weekend and i set my sight on these 19" wheels but i have a 325i riding on stock. here is the specs of the tires 235/35/19 front 275/30/19 rear Im guessing i will need to roll the rear fenders but if i do that will they fit and ride good? I'm a noob with...
  6. WTB M3 front fenders

    Looking to buy a pair of M3 front fenders. Paint can be in any condition since it will be repainted anyways. I don't want any damage that is hard to fix/unfixable. The fender arch has to be perfect. Let me know what you've got.
  7. WTT: CARBON FIBER M3 Fenders for stock Silver grey M3 Fenders

    I have full carbon fiber M3 fenders that I would like to trade an go back to stock they are in really good condition no cracks/scratches I'm looking for trades only In silver grey I'm in SoCal and only want to deal locally it would be to much hassle to trade across the country so let me know...
  8. WTB: Silver grey e46 M3 driver side front fender socal

    Looking for a silver grey M3 driver side front fender let me know what you have might be willing to trade carbon fiber fenders for stock silver grey ones trading or buying local only call or text 714 686-9175
  9. [WTB] OEM M3 parts: hood, fenders, skirts, bumpers, mirrors

    First sorry for my English ... and error to come I recently had the misfortune to be hit by someone who has not complied with STOP indicator. My car is an E46 convertible and want to do list for OEM M3 parts: front fenders wings back (for cut my old fenders) the left one is distroid front hood...
  10. Recommendation on fitment.

    General E46 Forum
    So I just got my fenders rolled. I am running a 19x9.5 ET 33 rears with 265/30 tires. It cleared a lot of room, but I am still rubbing when I hit a hard bump. I've heard some people shave their fenders to get more clearance? Is that recommended? If not I will probably need to buy new rear...
  11. Tire advice (with spacers and rolling)

    General E46 Forum
    So I spent the better part of sunday trying to roll/stretch the fenders on my 2002 e46 330Ci Convertible. Let me tell you it's a son of b**ch to do because of some crap rubber stuff lining the rear lip. Anyway, I currently have 255/30/19s (rims 19x9.5) on the rear. It looked like it cleared...
  12. new hood/fenders, used 330ci front bumper

    I have a brand new hood and both fenders i bought awhile about a year ago and they are been sitting in their boxes ever since because i never got around to using them so i finally decided to sell them. the hood and fenders fit E46 pre-facelift sedans. asking $70 a piece for the fenders and $200...