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  1. 328i is overheating on very hot days in traffic although no coolant leaks etc

    General E46 Forum
    My 328i just started to overheat in this summer heat and we cannot seem to find any problems with the cooling system ALTHOUGH there is no auxiliary fan sensor box mounted on the shroud and I can't remember if there ever was one. Can't even find a cable to run to the box either if there was one...
  2. Catastrophic failure

    General E46 Forum
    Yesterday my cooling pump ceased up randomly and ripped apart most of the plastic components in the engine compartment due to the serpentine belt snapping off and destroying the cooling fan and the fan shroud and causing the cooling fan to cease as well. Has anyone else ever had to deal with...
  3. What happened to my Fan Shroud?

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I just put this fan shroud in this morning, replacing one that looked somewhat like it. (Not quite so bad, though.) I drove the car about 6 miles and happened to look under the hood to check something, and see the top of the shroud has been shredded. Does anyone have any suggestions what might...
  4. WTB: E46 Auxillary Fan Assembly (radiator fan)

    Parting Out
    Hi, I am in desperate need of the electric fan behind radiator(Fan housing with fan). I have horrible traffic where I am, the car overheats just sitting. Part number is # 17117561757 Thanks email is [email protected]
  5. 03 325i fan shroud accessories

    General E46 Forum
    Hi All, Can someone tell me what the part on the fan shroud on the passengers side is called. I purchased a new fan shroud for my 03 325i like an retarded i tossed the old 1 out. i kept the fan shroud clamp and the screw but there was another part on the shroud that connects to the wire on...