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  1. Mobile Electronics Forum
    I just purchased a 2005 330ci convertible. Great car, love it. I had my iPhone search for a bluetooth adapter in the car. It found the factory BT adapter "BMW49956". The phone asked for the pair code. Using Youtube I was able to find the BT unit behind the back seat. Located on the...
  2. Lighting Forum
    I got into an accident a little while back and destroyed one of my factory bi-xenons and i don't want to spend that much money on a headlight. I was looking at spyder angel eyes but dont know if they will work or how to make them work. Will they just plug and play on a factory xenon car? I have...
  3. Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hi guys, I was hoping that someone could help me out with a few tire questions that I have. My tires are in good (great, really) shape, I was just curious about sizes. My car came stock with the standard 16 inch 7 spoke rims (solid spokes), fitted with 205/55r16 tires. Or at least I'm fairly...
  4. Engine & Performance
    Used BMW factory Performance intake for the E46 330i with carbon fiber detail in very good condition. I purchased new and will ship in the original box. Detailed photos below - note that all tabs are fully intact. There is a very small surface crack on the edge of the upper inlet tube from...
  5. Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hey guys, I'm mostly posting this for a buddy. He has an '04 330ci and I haven't seen the same rims on another one before. I've searched these forums, and elsewhere online, but haven't seen these on the OEM wheel options. The guy he bought the car from said they came on it special order. Any...
  6. Lighting Forum
    I repsonded to a post over in general and no response so figured maybe actually posting in the lighting section would see better results. I am curious whether or not E46s are prewired for the factory fogs? I just picked up a second E46 as a winter beater (my current is rear wheel drive '04 and...
  7. Engine & Performance
    Hello, I have a set of OEM Camshafts for a BMW 3.0L M54 engine. I bought them brand new from the local BMW dealership, to use for a project car I have been building. They were only installed on the car for a short time, (about 6 months) because I decided to go with schrick camshafts instead...
  8. General E46 Forum
    Hey i just recently came back from an amazing vacation from Europe and i got the chance to go to Germany and go visit one of BMWs major production factories in Germany and their 15 floor museum of BMWs history and i just wanted to share some pics for everyone to see:D
  9. BMW News from around the Web
    Hi dunno if you allready know this (german) movie, but I think it might be interesting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXVgFpHYwFs&feature=more_related regards, Tom
  10. General E46 Forum
    Does anyone know if their is an online factory service manual for the BMW E46 I use the www.realoem.com which is good & have used the great DIY here:idea:
  11. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I recently removed this 6 disc changer out of my 2002 BMW M3. Unit is in great condition and it works famously. I have never had any issues with it. It includes the unit itself, the 6 disc magazine, and mounting bracket. Fits Models: E36 E39 E46 E53 E83 E85 Z3 Model # 82 11 0 028 760 Asking...
  12. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I recently upgraded my sub and now have the factory sub laying around the house. I am selling it as is with no warranty. It worked fine when I took it out of my 2005 330ci. I am looking for best offer plus shipping. Pm me your price or just post below. Thanks, Drew
  13. Wheels and Tires
    SOLD. Up for sale are my set of OEM 19"s. They are the same ones in my sig pic. All wheels are straight, no bends/cracks. In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that none of them are perfect. They have some curb rash, as well as some knicks and scratches throughout. By no means are...
  14. General E46 Forum
    I am not sure if any of you are aware of this or not but NAPA Auto Parts has available many OE parts for your BMW. Genuine Parts (NAPA) has bought or partnered with a company called ALTROM. Altrom Group is one of North America's leading wholesale distributors of OEM import car parts and top...
  15. General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has hooked up a third party siren (Clifford, Viper) to the BMW Factory Alarm System? I want to know if it is possible. I just don't like the sound of the factory siren.
1-15 of 15 Results