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  1. 18" wheels with ET20 9" front & ET15 10" rear

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hi, I got a good price on some brand new Haxer Wheels: - R18X9 5x120 ET20 74.1-72,6 - R18X10 5x120 ET15 74.1-72,6 Have any of you tried fit this on a Facelifted E46 Convertible or Coupe? Thanks
  2. Facelift E46 Coupe ZHP Bumper Conversion

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I spent hours trying to find what mounting brackets i needed to install E46 Zhp front and rear bumper. Mounting brackets for facelift coupes are different from the e46's that came with the m tech/zhp package. I am not 100% sure but i think the zhp bumpers use pre facelift mounting brackets. I...
  3. BMW Coupe 2004 - 2006 headlights - Angel Eyes real size

    General E46 Forum
    Hello I've been looking into eventually installing Profile Prism Angel Eyes to my e46 coupe 2005 - example shown below which have the sealed xenon projectors. The issue is that I've talked to multiple sellers for more information with some stating the size I should get is 80mm, others saying...
  4. LIN BUS mirror downgrade E46 coupe Facelifted

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hello, I have a 04' 330Cd and i love this car. For start i will explain my experience with the OEM mirrors. The system after +03 facelift coupe is a shi*t since its all packed inside a small pcb with a small MCU and smd components.... not very durable... I did found the MCU for sale but none...
  5. Hello There!! (And a quick question)

    General E46 Forum
    Hey everyone! Hope y'all are very fine and doing good with your rides. I've just moved into Long Beach, CA and had to buy a car for the trip from home to school every day. I'm a BMW and a convertible enthusiast at the same time, soooo I went for a 2005 325Ci Conv. that fits my budget. I love...
  6. WANTED 2003+ 325xi Touring 5 speed.

    Complete Cars - Private
    I am looking to buy a 2003-2005 BMW 325xi Touring with a manual transmission in Silver Grey Metallic (I'd also be open to a red of some kind) with a black (or cinnamon) leather interior. Preferably under 150k miles, but must be under 200k. Cold weather package is a high priority. I'd also like...
  7. E46 320cd facelift model Bluetooth connection to Apple Iphone

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, Currently new to the BMW scene and have come across this forum a fair few times in an amid search of an answer to connect my I-Phone to the bluetooth on a BMW 320Cd M Sport 2005 Face lift model. I've recently bought the car a few weeks back and as per the previous forums it has the...
  8. Rust repair worries

    General E46 Forum
    Hi everyone, my jet black e46 coupe had a bit of rust on it when I bought it, and I'd really like to fix it before winter so it doesn't get any worse. I've been looking into it and I think that I might have had some misconceptions about rust repair. I was planning on sanding down the rusted...
  9. E46 Sedan facelift headlights to coupe compatibility.

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I have a 2005 325CI (Facelift) and I was wondering if these headlights,, would be plug and play. Thanks!_a_
  10. Quick power mirror question

    General E46 Forum
    Hi everyone, my power mirrors don't work on a face lift coupe. The ribbon cable is snapped. I bought another mirror hoping to fix it. The current wires look like this. The wires on the mirror I bought look like this.
  11. Facelift Coupe Front Lip Project

    The Showroom
    So, I drive a facelift coupe and like many other users have expressed, the front bumper feels like its... missing something. So I was inspired by a user on here named Flop who made this prefacelift front lip from eBay fit So I bit the bullet and jumped right in. About a week and a half later...
  12. Hello, New F30 owner!

    General F30 Sedan/F31 Wagon/F32 Coupe/F33 Cabrio
    Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself and my car, My names Jamie and I will be picking up my new F30 Next Monday. It is a 320d M Sport LCI on a 65 plate with 2700miles; sports auto, Coral Red Leather, Mineral Gray, 19" 403M wheels, M Sports brake upgrade, Harman Kardon Sound system. <a...
  13. Ribbon cable mirror problems.

    General E46 Forum
    Hi everyone, I have a 2004 e46 with the ribbon cables in the mirrors. The motors are broken and to buy another set of motors with the ribbon cable is too expensive. Can I fit an older model e46's mirror motors to my facelift e46? Thanks!
  14. BMW DIY Youtube Videos

    General E46 Forum
    These Are my E46 DIY videos: :thumbup: For the public: I have been making these for 4 years. It is my hobbie. BMW ALLOY REPAIR
  15. Does pre-facelift hood fit on facelift coupe

    E46 Convertible
    I have a BMW e46 coupe -03 (facelift). Can anyone tell me if a hood from a e46 coupe pre-facelift fits on my car? Thanks.
  16. Situation after replacing lenses.

    Lighting Forum
    My lenses were in pretty bad shape so I ordered a pair from Khoalty, great fit and the light output really improved, very happy with that. The thing is, when I put all the parts together again, the plastic shown in the picture stayed like that, like "saggy"... I tried to put it the right way...
  17. E46 Sedan FS: facelift sedan hood *Socal*

    It's painted Black Sapphire. The paint is in good condition. Comes with chrome kidney grills that aren't in the best condition and the washer grill. There's no emblem. The hood insulation piece is included as well (not pictured). Asking $120 obo picked up. Here are the pictures (the white...
  18. WTB WTB E46 Coupe Right LED Tail Light

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I'm looking for a right LED tail light that will fit a facelifted '04 coupe. Specifically just looking for the outer lamp!
  19. Any E46 brand new never painted facelift and pre facelift parts

    Oem fitment parts great prices package deals available
  20. E46 325Ci Front Lip

    General E46 Forum
    Hello E46 community! This is my first post so I was wondering if anybody could possibly help me out! I have a 2004 325Ci (facelift) and I'm looking to buy a lip for my front bumper. I have the stock facelift bumber, and I was wondering if anybody knows where to find reasonably priced lips that...