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  1. ///Eurowerkz\\\ Salon stylist & model shoot (SFW)

    The Showroom
    A few weeks back I had the opportunity to work on a few hair and makeup stylists portfolios so I figured what better opportunity to involve some of the Eurowerkz M's. After a long day of shooting these are just a few of the frames. Still lots of work to do on them IMO. Alisa (NBA Dancer)...
  2. R3DBULL ///Eurowerkz\\\ Saturday garage shoot (E90 content)

    The Showroom
    I had a few hours to kill yesterday so I went out to take a few snaps of my car. I recently added my rear 5mm H&R spacers, macht schnell studs, and Muteki neo-chrome lugs which I picked up from Julius @ WSTO.
  3. Few shots...

    The Showroom
    I was out shooting a few pics for my mod sheet being created for my next show. Here are a few of them. Not sure what is going to be used. C&C are always welcome.
  4. ** Official SF Bay Area Sightings/General Thread **

    Way over due. :)