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  1. Feature Member -Navin323i and his Atlantis Metallic 323i

    General E46 Forum It is with great honor that I have the privilege of coming to you all today as the featured owner/car here on I still remember as if it were only just yesterday how back in the fall of 2000...
  2. SCOTTCHU Photography Presents: California Dreamin' - DrusC5s - EUROPROJEKTZ

    The Showroom
    It's been a long time coming. My car has changed a lot since its first photoshoot by Scott Chu about 10 months ago ( Since then, I've added a vented hood, custom bumper with lip, repowdercoated my wheels, switched to IR interior and...
  3. 10 years of EuroProjektz

    The Showroom
    I thought I would pass along some thoughts from the founder of EP, Manu, on the upcoming 10 year anniversary of EuroProjektz Most of you guys know Manu as the owner of DPE wheels but some do not know he is one of the original founders of EP. He is what he said when he reached out to the...