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  1. Sillieidiot | Euro-Division High Powered LED Interior Kit Review

    Lighting Forum
    Hey everyone :hi:, I got a review for you. Been really busy so I never got the time to post the review until now. As many of you know, I had F1 Autohaus ones in my car. But me being a "lighting freak," I just gotta buy stuff and try them out. This kit from Euro-Division came out awhile back and...
  2. FS: aluminum pedals for manual trans - ///M style, great condition!!

    Hey guys, I have a set of really nice looking aluminum pedals in excellent condition -- they've only been on the car for about 2 months, and I didn't even use the car that much really. Both the pedals themselves and rubber backing are of very high quality. I'm asking $65 shipped. Thanks for...
  3. New and first Regional Sponsor: Euro-division

    Hi, just giving you guys the heads up that we're a new regional sponsor, which is also the first for the Australia forums. We specialize in e46 accessories and hope to expand our product category over time. With a high dollar rate now, we hope to present you with good deals, at least competitive...