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  1. 18x8 et20

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hello my friends, Does anyone have setup like in title? I have Non-m coupe. It world be amazing if you have some photos. I've just bought 5th series wheels but before I order tires, I want to be sure about sizes. Do I have to set some smaller tires to front?
  2. My New Rims on My E46 325i

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Had my Rims for a little while now and just put them on because of winter and that i didnt have any tires on them. But they are Finally on :excited: Work XD9s 18x9 All around with BridgeStone Potenza RE760 Sport 225/40/18 Fronts are et30 and rears et20 with no spacers
  3. I managed to fit ET:20 onto my Non-M E46

    Tire & Wheel Forum
  4. Who Does Custom Wheel Milling?

    Pacific Northwest
    I wish to have my ET20 offset increased to at least 40 maybe 45, I've heard some shops will charge $25-40 per wheel. Can anyone recommend a GOOD place to have this done, I live in the south end but distance doesn't matter. I just don't like the offset and plus I have rubbing issues, also I hate...
  5. >>FS: Forged M-Sytems II w/ Covers & Tires<<

    Wheels and Tires
    Hi guys. I have a really nice set of 17x8 forged M-Systems II wheels with throwing star covers, mounted to Bridgestone Potenza tires for sale. As you can see by the photos, they’re in great shape. All wheels are round and true with a recent balance completed. The factory numbers stamped on the...