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  1. E46 Showroom
    Thought I'd share my fastest lap around Nürburgring from a trackday I went to this week. Hope you enjoy it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ8GwPlF-qM
  2. Forced Induction
    Just wrapped this project up, 1 of 2 ESS VT2-550 E46M3's in California. The torque numbers are insane!!! This is on a street car that has 80k miles putting out solid/reliable #'s. I can't wait to get some dyno time in my car with our race exhaust system! No ECU/timing adjustments were made...
  3. E46 Showroom
    Since the car was freshly detailed, we decided it would be a good time to throw on fresh vinyl for this years competition. This year we're trying to stay focused with a set of "core" set of sponsors rather than throwing a ton of vinyl on the car and having some get lost in the sea of stickers...
  4. E46 Showroom
    Our customer Ethan recently acquired Z4MC and as any new owner he did not waste any time to put his own style/touch on a fresh "blank canvas", he drove the car down from Washington and we quickly went to work on his car. Ethan wanted a car that was simple/clean yet had a touch of...
  5. Forced Induction
    Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates!! www.facebook.com/rennspec VT2-500 Install/Review I'd like to start off saying that ESS puts together an amazing SC kits that are nothing but top notch quality, I've installed a variety of ESS SC kits and each and every one of them have been 110%...
  6. Australia
    Hi All, Since my sudden and dramatic hiatus in late December during the holiday period in which I was left with little tolerance for even the mildest form of **** stirring by our interstate forum members (lets not bring it up again), I have spent much time still slaving away at my job and...
1-6 of 6 Results