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  1. Static from Eonon Head Unit- help!

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Recently purchased an Eonon head unit that features Apple Carplay. The unit is great and carplay works, but there's static noise when connecting my phone via Bluetooth/USB (but the regular radio function sounds fine, no static). I had to route a wiring harness to the trunk (OEM Nav), and I...
  2. DYNAVIN N7-PRO Multimedia GPS System....BLACK FRIDAY DEAL

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    Its that time again.....BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL! :shhh: Use discount code BLACKFRIDAY100 at checkout to get the best price of the year on the new Dynavin N7 Pro Multimedia Navigation System! For more info about the new models, see here:
  3. Dynavin N7-PRO Multimedia GPS System....NEW FOR 2020

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Now that the new N7 PRO units are shipping.....its time for a NEW THREAD DYNAVIN N7 PRO Dynavin has updated their lineup to the new N7-PRO head units. An update on the already solid N7 platform, the new PRO models have all the same extensive features from the N7 but add the ability to run...
  4. Turn off backup camera on eonon ga9150kw

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Eonon GA9150kw Does anyone know which setting to change to make the screen not go black when I put my car in reverse? I can't seem to find it
  5. Another eonon thread... two more small issues

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I've had my Eonon GA9150kw installed for a month or two now, and I'm just starting to get all the kinks worked out and have it working just like I want it. I'm running the BMW car launcher I found that makes the interface much more intuitive. I have two small issues I'm trying to work out 1)...
  6. Dynavin flash sale

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    SALE EXPIRED. BUT dont forget, forum members can use discount code FANATICS at checkout for a discount ANY day! SHOP NOW For more information:
  7. Eonon 19th Group Buy - New Android 8.0 & 4GB RAM Car Stereo GA9150A for E46

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    Hi guys, GROUP BUY Eonon 19th for GA9150A with Android 8.0 & 4GB RAM is started today as expected! FREE Cameras are provided with. Just come and join GROUP BUY NOW before it's gone. Please kindly PM us or reply this post if you've signed up in it, thank you. :craig: For More Info. of this GB...
  8. WTB Eonon 5150 Wiring Harness

    I'm wondering if anyone has the stock wiring harness for the Eonon D5150 head unit. I bought a head unit used for cheap, and he included a stripped wiring harness, but I don't want to cut into the stock harness on the car. I included a picture, the harness I'm looking for would be #5.
  9. Any E46 Eonon D5150Z

    Hey everyone. I'm selling my Eonon D5150Z navigation head unit. Comes with all original parts including a wiring harness for an easy plug and play installation on the E46 M3. Also includes a GPS antenna and an external mic which I never used. No exterior blemishes or scratches on screen. I will...
  10. Audio System Upgrade with Eonon GA7150

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Just wanted to share my audio system installation project, and also give some commentary on the Eonon GA7150. I am still working out some of the bugs with the Eonon, so I may also use this post to give some transparency to my troubleshooting communication with Eonon. Car: 2000 323Ci...
  11. Any E46 BRAND NEW Eonon GA7150 SOCAL

    Ladies and Gents, Brand New (still in packaging) plug and play Eonon GA7150 + Backup Camera for any E46! Replace your old nav/analog instruments with this New HD unit! Save the hassle of shipping this great unit from overseas and pick it up locally. I'm in west la/socal - would prefer not to...
  12. Eonon 15th Group Buy for Cool New GA7150 Android 6.0 BMW E46 Navigation!

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    Hi guys, you must have known Eonon has released the new GA7150 Android 6.0 BMW E46 navigation lately. It's so welcomed that just in few days, 15+ guys would like to join our group buy! So let's get started now asap in case you can't wait for an awesome unit in your bimmer soon! :craig: Here are...
  13. Eonon 14th Group Buy for Hot New GA6150F BMW E46 Android 5.1 Car Stereo

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    Update on Sep. 23: Glad to tell you guys, the new version of units with steady 7 LED light feature released today! :thumbup: You can order from our group buy link here directly: We will ship the units to you soon after your...
  14. Hot New Eonon Android 5.1.1 BMW Navigation GA6150F with 1024x600 HD Screen Released!

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi guys, are you waiting for BMW E46 Android 5.1 head units for a long time? Here comes the exciting news, our latest GA6150F Android 5.1 BMW navigation released for you lately! :clap: Great things deserve your waiting! :thumbup: Do you know how it will take your in car entertainment to next...
  15. Help my E92 and Eonon/Erisin

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    my technician installed the unit all ok except a) i cannot save radio stations and time (there are two wires on the back yellow and red) yellow ((ACC)must have always power in order to save the stations but when he connects it with the battery after 3 days battery is dead if not the radio...
  16. DIY - EONON GA5150 improve BT external mic and WiFi receptionls

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    This weekend I complete modification of my EONON GA5150 to improve the external mic when BT voice calls and also improve the WiFi antenna. Valuable tips and help from the relevant threads on XDA developers forum For long time I had...
  17. Any E46 BavSound BSW Soundplicity Control III

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Whats up guys? Up for sale is a brand new BSW Soundplicity Control III module with a Sirius XM HD Radio module as well. I tested the Soundplicity module in my e46 to see that everything was working correctly before posting it on here for sale. Everything works perfectly and installing it...
  18. EONON Illumination headunit problems! PLEASE HELP!!!

    General E46 Forum
    Recently just changed my factory nav system over to the Eonon GA5150F. I've had to use an extension (A0569) cable as my connection was in the boot. Everything seems to work, except that the unit doesn't illuminate when i have my lights on and neither do my steering controls. I was under the...
  19. Avin, Dynavin, Eonon, Navall, Erisin...HELP!!!

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hello everyone and thanks for reading my post :hi: I have an '03 330xi without a NAV but with Harmon-Kardon Speakers and I would like to install one of the aftermarket Double DIN units for the E46 but I am completely overwhelmed with all of the different types as well as the amount of...
  20. Liking Eonon Facebook and Share Photos to Get Free Funny Car Stickers!

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi guys, love your dad and savings too? Why not surprise him with Eonon FREE FUNNY Car Stickers? Great news to tell you that just share with us the photo of you & your dad on our Facebook wall, you'll get another great gift from Eonon - 4 funny free car stickers, and 10% discount on everything...