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engine misfiring

  1. need Help!!!! - rough idle, misfire codes, random CEL details inside

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    here goes. about 2 weeks ago i swap in ebay headers, didnt have new hardware so i had a pretty serious exhaust leak from the first 3 cylinders. decided i didnt like the headers so i swapped them back to stock. the ebay ones were on there for a week. now i am getting misfire on cylinder 1...
  2. Pics of my new M...also I need some help please!

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    So I just bought this from a friend Its a 2002 SMG Im glad to finally be an M owner! feels great! The grin just gets wider and wider :pimpin: haha I got it cheap because he told me it needs a few repairs and its got some engine problem but he will pay for all that so I think it should be...