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  1. Endlinks keep coming loose.

    Suspension & Braking
    I run with coilovers and rather stiff settings. My aftermarket (non adjustable) endlinks keep coming lose - the lower bolt shimmies loose. Is it because I'm running at a ride height not ideal for the set length of the endlinks? My thinking is that the endlinks are under inappropriate pressure...
  2. Help me Identify Knock Sound when Turning Steering Wheel. Video Clip incl.

    General E46 Forum
    As you can hear from the video, when car is at standstill and I turn the wheel a couple of degrees left/right I can hear a knocking sound coming from the front of the engine. I believe it's the same sound when I'm slowly going over paved roads / road bumps. I have no idea what is causing it...
  3. endlinks