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eml dsc handbrake

  1. NOTHING Can Read My '02 E46 330ci ECU / OBD??

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, 2002 E46 330ci SMG (SSG?) with 117k on it. Got the 3 lights on the dash (ABS/DSC/h-brake), so I try to scan the car to find out the issue: Hmm... strange... a generic OBD cannot read the car? Goes to a local garage to use his LAUNCH system... no connection. Visit BMW specialists...
  2. EML Issue - Remotely unique

    General E46 Forum
    Haven't been able to find a fix to this and no one has gone into my specific detail. First off, EML limp mode is going like this: EML Traction and the amber brake light comes on like if you turn off traction all the way off Throttle input is zero Severely rough idle of 1k to 1.4k rpms even when...
  3. Go Away EML, Seriously - For Good

    General E46 Forum
    . So some of you guys might be familair, a couple of weeks ago my car had the DSC + Handbrake light come on and on occasion the EML would come on too. The code's were read, and it came out that for the DSC and Handbrake was due to the steering angle sensor which needed to be reset. The EML...