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electrical connection

  1. BMW 1.9i M43 Engine electrical harness (ID one connector)

    General E46 Forum
    Hello. I recently had to remove the whole intake manifold including the wire harness (octopus) in order to replace the gas lines. While putting everything back in I realised I can't find the socket for a connector. It has blue/red red/white wires coming out of it and is situated near the oil...
  2. Won't engage starter - REALLY?

    General E46 Forum
    2004 330xi, started fine, drove to grocery store parked, came back out to go home - all the dash lights come on, no starter though. :cry: Key fob battery. We've found out doesn't need to be in the fob at all for the key to work. It's as if there is a small bar magnet in the fob that just needs...
  3. Hardwire 9500ix

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Easiest way to hardwire my radar? I have the direct wire for my 9500ix but when I removed the sunroof panel cover, I noticed the universal garage door opener connector was cut off by the last owner of the car. I still wired it to the green wire with blue stripe hoping it still had 12v of power...
  4. Need Help with Hardtop Lighting/defroster

    Lighting Forum
    I recently bought a used M3 hard top and installed it on my 2002 330 ci convertible. I bought a new bracket/wire kit from the dealer and installed it. Looks like it can only go on one way, but seems I made some error. ( I was told the only difference between the M3 and the 330 was the color...