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electric seats

  1. Electric Seat not moving forward or Back

    General E46 Forum seat went up and can't go back. I have a 2002 BMW 330CI convertible with electrical memory seats. My front driver seat stopped going back and forward. All other switches work fine. I tested the motor and it seems to work, I also replaced the Seat Memory Control module. Still doesn't...
  2. Seat problems !!!

    General E46 Forum
    Hi im new to this forum :) hopefully you guys can help . I have recently purchased an e46 convert and have issues with the electric seats . The seats(passengers and driversto be clear ) will move backwards and forwards from the control switch on the upright part of the seat . But on the base the...
  3. Apologies for the simplicity

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    First time poster here and love the forum, I have an 03 325i and want to get it up to scratch: 1: It has "radio nav" (the one with a text only display) is it merely replacing the screen and relocating the climate control to update or is there anything else? 2: I have M Sport seats and I know a...