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el diablo
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  1. Engine & Performance
    Hi I have a real CSL header and rogue el diablo muffler for sale. Please contact me if interested. Pat 360 463 7394
  2. Engine & Performance
    For sale is a perfect condition Rogue Engineering El Diablo Exhuast. This came off of my brothers m3. The exhaust only has 1500 miles on it. He took it off because it was too loud for his taste. It still has the original box Rogue shipped it to him in. Some quick pros for this exhaust...
  3. General E46 Forum
    Today I installed my new-to-me Rogue Engineering El Diablo :evil: muffler. The majority of the install went super smooth, which I'll attribute to the car staying in California, and a garage, for the entirety of it's life. There was one issue I couldn't figure out though. The brackets that bring...
  4. Engine & Performance
    I have a RE El Diablo with about 25k miles. Been off of the car a few months because I went back to the oem muffler after I put on catless header. The El Diablo sounded amazing with JVT headers and CP Rasp Terminators...but alas, enough nagging from the woman and I had to quiet the car down a...
  5. General E46 Forum
    Can you really adjust the valve opening and closing? im looking into getting this for my M. and i need answers! :woot:
  6. Engine & Performance
    I'm looking for a used Agency Power, El Diablo, or AA exhaust but would consider others as well. Let me know what you have. Also for locals in NJ/NY, if you are looking to go back to stock I would trade my OEM exhaust plus cash. Thanks.
  7. Engine & Performance
    As much as I like the sound of my Rogue Engineering El Diablo exhaust, I am looking to try out a different exhaust specifically a Supersprint Race if anyone would like to do a direct swap.. thanks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWM8W_2X-qQ&feature=player_embedded
1-7 of 7 Results