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  1. NOTHING Can Read My '02 E46 330ci ECU / OBD??

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, 2002 E46 330ci SMG (SSG?) with 117k on it. Got the 3 lights on the dash (ABS/DSC/h-brake), so I try to scan the car to find out the issue: Hmm... strange... a generic OBD cannot read the car? Goes to a local garage to use his LAUNCH system... no connection. Visit BMW specialists...
  2. E46 B30 Swap Runs Rough

    General E46 Forum
    So I will try and make this a short post as there is lots of small details. Recently swapped an M54B30 into my 325i. It was running well with the B25 injectors and MAF and ECU. Last weekend I swapped the B30 injectors and maf and had Balidawg Reprogram the ECU. The car idles well but under...
  3. Keys and ECU

    General E46 Forum
    I'm working on a 2002 manual 325Ci and I've misplaced the only key. I'm doing a swap to a 97k miles 3.0L among other things. Brakes, interior etc... Plan is to start the engine swap in the next few weeks. Already replaced all the goodies you'd do with the engine out. I have a donor 2003...

    General E46 Forum
    Hello everyone, I recently swapped engines from 325ci to 330ci (m54b25 to m54b30) and need help reflashing my DME I have WinKFP downloaded on my computer but it doesn't seem to recognize my car. No ECU options come up when i try to select one. The screen is just blank. Is there something else i...
  5. My fully sick E46 is fully sick - please help!

    General E46 Forum
    Fellow E46 enthusiasts I have a 2004 320i MSport with ~138k on the dial. It was running like a dream until a few months back when one morning it began shuddering and I could smell burning plastic through the vents... Quick call to my mechanic had me soon having the ECU rebuilt (which...
  6. 330ci cluster swap

    General E46 Forum
    Alright, so I currently have a new cluster in. orange break light and DSC light are on and I still can not figure out how to turn it off. I have swapped the m35050 chip from the original board to the new board, so the VIN matches and have reset the Steering angle sensor by going from lock to...
  7. WTB AEM Infinity 708 ECU

    Engine & Performance
    Looking for an AEM infinity programmable plug-and-play stand alone ECU for S54 engine. INFINITY 708 - PN: 30-7109 or INFINITY 710 - PN: 30-7105 with or without harness. (P/N w/ harness: PN: 30-3510)
  8. ECU Fan Guidance

    General E46 Forum
    I have a quiet but annoying interior noise. Sound like crickets. On start up and sometimes while driving. I am convinced it's the ECU Fan (firewall near your left foot when driving). The noise isn't bad but if it's failing that's I presume a bad thing as I don't want my ECU to overheat. Has...
  9. 320D thinks its an manual car

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I've got an error code in my automatic 320D 2004 which says : 4703 Clutch switch. Also when i go into INPA and into the engine ECU it says that the car is an manuel and not an automatic. Also the cruice controll isnt working.. Any fixes for this? I have the BMW standard tools. (INPA...
  10. Looking for someone with PASoft 1.4 or similar

    BC, AB, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
    I'm driving down to the lower mainland from Jan 2 to Jan 5, and was wondering if anyone has PASoft 1.4 or something similar and would be able to help me do some stuff (CEL delete for cats, change my temp gauge, etc) I'll be glad to pay in beer or something. :dave:
  11. The Definitive EASY OBD USB THREAD E46/E36/E39+ - Complete Walkthrough 2017 edition

    General E46 Forum
    Images and more software guides coming asap, as soon as this line is removed, I have added all I will to the original thread Hello E46Fanatics and other folk, To start: This thread is entirely inspired and possible because of 'stevenluczynski' thread 'BMW USB OBD Diagnostic Thread'...
  12. Help me finish my engine swap

    E46 Engine Swaps
    Hey guys Just finished all the mechanical work of a 2.5 to 3.0 engine swap. I'm now trying to get the ecu recoded properly. I have winkfp working and edited the zusb value, but am now trying to get the adaptations and such reset. I'm not sure which software is easiest to use for this. I...
  13. What is the closet ecu to a hondata kpro to put in a e46

    General E46 Forum
    Hey I just got my e46 its a 2001 330ci. I used to want a Honda and found the Kpro to be a good ecu. Is there anything that I can put in my BMW that will let me plug my laptop in and make adjustments like the kpro and has tuning capabilities.
  14. 2001 330i transmission light, brake light, limp mode help

    General E46 Forum
    Last week my battery gave out and in the faint lights on the instrument panel I could see the transmission light but didnt think much of it. I went and got it checked to be told it was a bad battery. I was still under warranty so they gave me a new one and I put it in. After I jumped my car to...
  15. Shark injector chronicles

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    I bought a shark injector software tune from turner motorsport for my 2005 330ci zhp and was a little weary to install it because of two reasons, the first being that I live in california and every 2 years I have to smog my car, and the second being that the instructions are littered with legal...
  16. FS: ECU Blower / fan

    For sale, used ecu blower / fan Two prong connection $25 shipped Squeeked/chirped occasionally so could use some greasing up (price reduced significantly to reflect this). Didn't seem to affect operation though.
  17. 330d - no communication with ECU

    General E46 Forum
    Hello all, First I apologize for my English, but i hope you will understand what my problems are. I own e46 330d touring (years 2002) and i have problems with communication. I used INPA and DIS to diagnostic my car, everything was ok but six mounth ago I lost communication with all modules...
  18. Replacing faulty auto ECU

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hi, my auto ECU has an intermittent fault weather automatic transmission fault light comes on and the car goes into limp mode after turning the car ignition off for a few seconds and then starting egnition, the car goes back to normal, until the next time which could be the same day or a few...
  19. Manual E46 - ECU box cooling fan 12907570074

  20. Software/tune

    General E46 Forum
    I own a 2000 328ci and I just can't seem to find any tuning software I want. I have a buddy with an 09 wrx and he bought a flash tuner that goes in the dash and all he's gotta do is plug it into the computer and make changes with actually large power increases (though his has a stock turbo that...