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ecu tune for swap

  1. 325ci ECU with ZHP engine

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    I am in the process of installing a zhp engine into my 325ci after a "money shift" :banghead: . So is it possible to start my car and run it before flashing the zhp software? what should i expect while running with a 325 tune on a zhp engine? Also is it possible that my transmission has taken...
  2. 325 ZHP build thread **warning...lots of pics**

    General E46 Forum
    alright guys, i thought i'd share a project me and a few other fanatics worked on over the past few weeks. i came across a used m54b30 motor on craigslist. it had 92k miles and the owner had simply bought a new motor because his head was warped and the head gasket was no longer sealing. on top...