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  1. General E46 Forum
    I've been trying to contact them for a few days and no one ever answers the phone or returns my messages. Has anyone done business with them recently? (Searched, couldn't find any threads about them closing) Thanks!
  2. Engine & Performance
    I have a ECIS CAI that i used on my 05 330ci. I'm not sure what other models it will fit but do your homework before purchasing. $175 obo Shipped in CONUS. Regards, Shannon
  3. Engine & Performance
    ECIS cold air intake for the 325i, xi, and Ci (non-SULEV). Heat shield, intake tube, cone filter included. Only used for ~500 miles. Very good condition. I even still have the stickers. Lively increase in throttle response, great sound--I only had to remove it because I'm selling the car...
  4. Engine & Performance
    SOLD: Used ECIS Intake for 330 (01-05) http://www.ecisbmw.com/DMCart/product.php?productid=16200&cat=252&page=2 I put this on my car around 43k miles in 2007 and used it until I recently hit 85k miles. There are some scratches on the heat shield and the ECIS and California CARB stickers...
  5. General E46 Forum
    So I hopped in a drove a bit after installing the intake, looking for the promised throttle response and that fabled sound everyone mentions about CAI's. After a few minutes and only hearing a little whistle I was getting kinda disappointed, not to mention annoyed at the slow-ass car in front...
  6. Engine & Performance
    I have an ECIS intake off of my 2000 323i wagon. It will come with all you need for the install: 1. Heat shield 2. filter 3. hardware for install Here is the link: http://www.ecisbmw.com/DMCart/product.php?productid=16198&cat=252&page=3 I am thinking $190 shipped obo thanks Tom Pictures...
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