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  1. EE LED Tail lights flickering [E46 3-series FL]

    Lighting Forum
    Hello, I'm having issues with installing the Eagle Eyes LED tail lights. They constantly flicker (several times per second). I've done the following: - FA_WRITE on AKMB and ALSZ (change VO) - SG_CODIEREN on ALSZ with an empty FSW_PSW.MAN - Rewired the ground cable Only thing I notice is that...
  2. E46 Sedan Eagle Eye Led Tailights (Sedan)

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hi, what I have up for sale are a nice pair of clear eagle eye led tail lights. They are in great condition with no major scratches on the housing. All LEDs work. $100 shipped. Crappy photo makes it seem like the left tail light is different. I assure you that it isn't.
  3. Any E46 TX: Coupe/Vert Inner Tail Light Housings (reverse light) & Boot Handle

    OEM inner tail light housings, if I'm not mistaken they fit on both coupes and verts, 65 obo. WP_20140529_16_48_28_Pro by JaviS54, on Flickr WP_20140529_16_48_41_Pro by JaviS54, on Flickr WP_20140529_16_49_49_Pro by JaviS54, on Flickr WP_20140529_16_50_20_Pro by JaviS54, on Flickr...
  4. K « You asked, we delivered - Eagle Eye LED Tail Light Resistor Replacements

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    <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="4" cellpadding="4"><tr><td bgcolor="#878787"> For enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.   </td> </tr> </table> <table width="690" border="0" cellspacing="4" cellpadding="4"><tr><td valign="top"> E46 Eagle Eye LED Tail Light Replacement Resistors E46...
  5. LED resistors

    ///M3 Forum
    For the eagle eyes led tails, where is everyone hiding these giant resistors on the right side (battery side) for the M3? I don't know where to put them lol
  6. Facelifted sedan EE tail light help needed

    Lighting Forum
    So I have been looking on this forum for a picture of quick diy of the EE sedan tail light wiring. I know everyone is going to say :banghead: plug n play but...I bought a pair of lights for huge savings with the complete driver side with resistor. the passenger side on the other hand has had the...
  7. "Eagle Eyes" Angel Eyes Headlights

    Lighting Forum
    Hey guys, has anyone purchased a set of these? I bought a complete pair of headlights for my E46, which included the "Angel Eye" feature from eBay for about $180. They look great and fit great (if anyone needs any help on installing, just ask - there are a few tricks to do this so they fit with...
  8. Turn Signal Upgrade from

    Lighting Forum
    Hello, I joined the site a few weeks ago, and haven't made any posts yet, so I am just going to take this opportunity to say hi! I have always had a thing for BMW's and started driving them in 2005. I have an 2002 Alpine White 325i Sedan (Facelift). I have very few mods to my vehicle other...
  9. Wtb: Face lift sedan leds

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I have a bad tail light and and bad head light. I have already changed the buld..... My next step for the head light is the ignitor.... I need one of those too. I am ready to buy today. I will pay pal you today. I would like eagle eye smoked leds for a face lift (2004) sedan, but i will take...
  10. FS: Eagle Eye LED Tails (facelift sedan)

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Eagle Eye LED Tails & reverse lights for sale off a facelift sedan - $50. $50 for both driver side and passenger side plus corresponding reverse lights. ($40 for passenger side only. $10 for driver only) NOTE: Driver side turn signal has 3 yellow LED's out. Still passes inspection and can...
  11. Jlevi SW | E46 LED Tails (DOT Approved) In Stock & Shipping Same Day!

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    Hey guys We just received our shipment of E46 LED Tails. Coupe, Sedan, Facelift Sedan are all in stock in both Smoked and Clear. These will not throw any errors, and come with a 1 Year Warranty from (LED vs. OEM Clear Tail Lights) Make sure to check out our easy installation...