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  1. Lighting
    Hello, I'm having issues with installing the Eagle Eyes LED tail lights. They constantly flicker (several times per second). I've done the following: - FA_WRITE on AKMB and ALSZ (change VO) - SG_CODIEREN on ALSZ with an empty FSW_PSW.MAN - Rewired the ground cable Only thing I notice is that...
  2. E46 M3
    For the eagle eyes led tails, where is everyone hiding these giant resistors on the right side (battery side) for the M3? I don't know where to put them lol
  3. Lighting
    So I have been looking on this forum for a picture of quick diy of the EE sedan tail light wiring. I know everyone is going to say :banghead: plug n play but...I bought a pair of lights for huge savings with the complete driver side with resistor. the passenger side on the other hand has had the...
  4. Lighting
    Hey guys, has anyone purchased a set of these? I bought a complete pair of headlights for my E46, which included the "Angel Eye" feature from eBay for about $180. They look great and fit great (if anyone needs any help on installing, just ask - there are a few tricks to do this so they fit with...
  5. Lighting
    Hello, I joined the site a few weeks ago, and haven't made any posts yet, so I am just going to take this opportunity to say hi! I have always had a thing for BMW's and started driving them in 2005. I have an 2002 Alpine White 325i Sedan (Facelift). I have very few mods to my vehicle other...
1-5 of 7 Results