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  1. Exterior
    Ok, so I forgot to list a bunch of parts until a buyer reminded me lol To keep you guys in the loop… I have two different pairs. Brand new, never installed, only opened to take pictures. Black Chrome - Asking $50 shipped. ECS Gloss Black - Asking $80 shipped Black Chrome ECS Gloss Black
  2. Engine & Performance
    Ok, so I forgot to list a bunch of parts until a buyer reminded me lol To keep you guys in the loop… Brand new, never installed, only opened to take pictures. Asking $800 + shipping
  3. Engine & Performance
    Ok, so I forgot a bunch of parts to list until a buyer asked for parts lol To keep you guys in the loop… Up first is a custom Auto Solutions SSK. This was specifically made to be used with the ZHP knob. The throw is reduced by 30%. Asking $475 shipped.
  4. Wheels and Tires
    Selling my factory wheels. They have no scuffs, curb rash, finish issues. They have never been refinished. Only selling with tires. Tires are in mediocre shape. Local pickup only, no shipping.
  5. Engine & Performance
    I have a new in box UUC EVO3 short shifter with DSSR for 1/04 and newer production dates. I sold the car before I was able to install it. Cost me $530. Willing to part with it for $300.
  6. Interior
    Hi all, I'm looking for a cinnamon interior set (seats, door panels) for an E46 M3 coupe. If you have one please send me an email [email protected] or PM. Located on the east coast but willing to travel a decent distance. Thanks
  7. Engine & Performance
    Up for sale is a brand new, unused Status Gruppe V4 headers for E46 M3. Also fits 2006-08 Z4M / 2001-02 Z3M S54. As some of you know, Status Gruppe makes great products but have extreme difficulty in manufacturing...took about a year to get these. I have decided to go with different headers...
  8. Exterior
    Hello Dear Bimmers, Does somebody know if e46 M3 mirror housings/covers/casings for the side mirror (the big plastic oval thing which houses the mirror itself, the actuator, and everything else) are exchangeable with the e39 M5 ones? I have an e39 with OEM M5 mirror retrofitted and the...
  9. Suspension and Braking
    Sorry, I missed a day lol Been busy. I'm procrastinating right now, so about to post some. To keep you guys in the loop… Ok, it's back to some OE CSL stuff again. This will be the last of the OE CSL stuff. The rest will be just M3 parts. First up, are a set of OE CSL sway bars. This is for...
  10. Engine & Performance
    To remind the clueless… Next item… I have Vibra-Technics Street Engine Mounts. These should actually fit all the E46s since M3 engine mounts work on non-Ms. Brand new, never installed, only opened to take pictures. Asking $280 shipped.
  11. Engine & Performance
    To remind the clueless… Next is a Supersprint Sport Exhaust. Will include new hangers and mounting hardware as well. Shoes, not included Brand new, never installed, only opened to take pictures. Asking $1400 + shipping
  12. The Showroom
    Hey Guys, As much as it pains me, I am selling my 2005 BMW e46 M3 covert with 116,000 miles on it. Unfortunately, need to part ways for space issues at current residence. Fully stock oem 19 wheels, roof works great. No rips or tears in roof or interior. Services all up to date. Looking for...
  13. Interior
    let me know what you have please!! I am located in Los Angeles. I am willing to piece together a perfect interior so let me know what you got. Thanks.
  14. Exterior
    I want to buy an OEM CSL trunk in So Cal or if you can ship that can work. Let me know what you have it doesn't matter to me if it is painted or unpainted in a perfect world I could find a Jet Black one but its no big deal. Let me know what you guys got, thank you.
  15. General E46 Forum
    Hi everyone, Was taking my 05 M3 vert out for a drive today. Wouldn't say I was driving super aggressively but wasn't a stroll around the park either. Oil temp was about 210. I accelerated fairly hard, almost to redline, and all of a sudden the red battery light turned on solid. Immediately...
  16. Interior
    Front black non power seats from M3 including front and rear seats, door panels front and rear including headrests, everything in good condition, some scuffs on both outer bolsters but no rips or tears, see pictures, $500 for all also have headliner and some other interior/console pieces that...
  17. Forced Induction Forum
    I have recently aquired a used HPF stage 3 E46 M3. However as we found 1 valve wasnt 100%, i have decided to pull the complete head and get it fully rebuilld. However, there are a certain questions regarding the car/kit combination, with the biggest at this moment being: What headgasket is...
  18. Interior
    Used E46 M3 Steering wheel with air bags and controls. Asking 175$ shipped.
  19. Engine & Performance
    Fellow forum goers, I have a set of E46 M3 Right Hand Drive Euro Headers I'm looking to sell. They're in good shape, and appear to have some sort of deteriorating coating on them. They could be a good candidate for blasting and re-coating if you were so inclined (my initial plan). I purchased...
  20. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    New! $250 obo. Hella OEM headlight. Bi-xenon. Ballasts and bulbs included, pre-installed in the unit. Plug and play ready. This headlight has literally never been further than 2 feet from the box and packing. Never used. This complete light goes for over 850 dollars on Turnermotorsport...