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  1. Leather Z: anybody heard of these guys???

    General E46 Forum
    Earlier this year, I rebuilt my entire shifter assembly from the lever down to the bushings (e60 upgrade). Ever since then, the satisfaction I get from shifting has more than doubled. Recently, I have been trying to get a hold of an illuminated shift knob to complete the package since some of...
  2. E46 front headrest removal HELP

    Hi can anyone help I have a 330ci convertible 2000 plate and need to replace the front headrest seats are out of the car can't find any screws bolt ect to release them... Thanks Stan
  3. New and first Regional Sponsor: Euro-division

    Hi, just giving you guys the heads up that we're a new regional sponsor, which is also the first for the Australia forums. We specialize in e46 accessories and hope to expand our product category over time. With a high dollar rate now, we hope to present you with good deals, at least competitive...