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  1. General BMW Model Discussion
    Does the E39 have a Vanos system? I am a car mood but I am trying to learn, please help!
  2. Forced Induction Forum
  3. General E46 Forum
    I cannot get my 530d to start. WHAT HAPPENED: The fuel pump in the tank failed and until I realized what its the problem on the side of the road and order a new pump and stay over 5 hours on the side of the road, I ve manage to kill the battery. Because I could not jump start it with wires I...
  4. General BMW Model Discussion
    Hello! I'm trying to get my new beemer fixed and it's got a few issues. One of the major issues is that the speedometer isn't working. The rest of the cluster is working though. No codes, no abs light, no tc light nothing. I just picked it up but would like to get this fixed asap. Any help is...
  5. Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    Have quite a few BMW parts for sale that need to go. All Priced are in Canadian $$ Buyer pays shipping Blue BMW E28 rear headrests very good condition came from E23 7 Series ($40) M30/S38B35 Distributor cap Part Number - 12 11 1 715 905 ($5) E36/E46/E39 various switches for windows/sunroof...
  6. Engine & Performance
    I bought this car not running to use for an LS engine swap. According to the previous owner all it needed was an alternator. My plan was to get the car running again and drive it for a while as I get together the rest of the parts I need for the swap. I had the car towed home, put in a new...
  7. Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    Everything came off of a 2002 330ci.. parts will fit most E46ers, I will provide part #s and you can check on realoem.com if it fits your vehicle... I did preventive maintenance to my Ci, all the parts are still good and in working condition. Listing will correlate with the pictures shown below...
  8. DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hello all, I own a E39 525i and we share the same motor M54B25, (most of us know this). I just recently rebuilt the VANOS unit and replaced the valve cover gaskets on my car. I performed an oil change with my buddy and he closed the oil filler when we finished filling the car. I double checked...
  9. zz

    General E46 Forum
  10. Wheels and Tires
    Want to buy m5 style 65 or style 32 , 18's only I have for trade style 68 with all four tires, can add cash on top.
  11. General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, Did some searching and I couldn't find anything. Is it possible to put e39 m5 seats in an e46? I saw that e39 do the opposite swap, E46 to E39. The seats look similar to E46 M3. Not sure if they are the same size, I'm sure connectors are different, but I don't mind repinning the...
  12. Lighting Forum
    Hey folks, Just back from pick and pull & I'm chopping up my electrical system!! Woo. I plan to update with pics, but the story go's i just bought a 99 323i, 180k on the odo so some things need a fixn. The dome light was one of those things, it didnt work at all but the button turned the...
  13. Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    Hello I have these parts available These were meant for my 2002 330i (5-speed) with an M54. $15 Front sway bar link(Only one not the pair) 31356780847 (Sold) rear brake pad kit with sensor 34212157575 $50 Thermostat with gasket 11537509227 (Sold) Fuel filter 13327512019 $20 passenger side mirror...
  14. General E46 Forum
    I have recently had problems due to which I need to replace my engine, I have been told I can replace it with anything upto 2.0L engine without the need for any mods, is this true? I have seen a E39 520i 2.0L engine, will this fit directly into my car without any modifications etc? Please help...
  15. General BMW Model Discussion
    My brother was driving to school, and the car suddentley turned off on him..no noise or anything different.. He went to turn it back on and the temperature gauge SHOT up!!! But the car just left the house, it isnt hot..and not at 9 pm it's still at hot but the car never got hot!!!!! Help!!!! :(
  16. Que, Ont, NB, NS, Nfld, PEI
    Posting for a friend. He is a member of our local bmw club. I can assure you that this vehicle was very well taken care of. He also owns a mint e30 m3 (pic at bottom). Asking price is $22000 (Canadian $), safetied. - carbon black / extended black leather interior / diamond black dash and...
  17. Engine & Performance
  18. General E46 Forum
    I Have E36 M3 Rims AND Tires For Sale! Rims look brand new, Tires slightly used Michelin High Performance Tires. Set of 4 rims and 4 tires. Product is in Albuquerque. If you are interested, please e-mail [email protected] These Wheels look GREAT on E36, E39, and E46!!
  19. Wheels and Tires
    I'm looking for e39 M5 Wheels... but open to others LMK What you have i NEED Wheels asap! :drool:
  20. Wheels and Tires
    (1) Front Wheel Rim GREAT condition!! No major Scratches No dents. $275 plus $50 for shipping. Located in Long Island, NY
1-20 of 23 Results