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  1. Electronics
    Hey guys, When I am relocating my climate control panel do I need the adaptor bracket to put the climate control panel below where the dynavin unit would go. I have seen lots of videos where everyone seems to have bought the climate control adaptor bracket but that will not work because I have a...
  2. Electronics
    Has anybody bought and used the 8.8” version of the Avin Avant head units instead of the 7” I see that’s so popular? This looks to be spec’d the exact same as the Avant 4, but with a wider screen and of course less physical buttons. Currently torn between the 7” and this 8.8” version. Would...
  3. Electronics
    Does anyone have any experience with the dynavin n6 carplay adaptor? I'm interested in getting this for my dynavin n6 but can't seem to find any reviews.
  4. Electronics
    Ill be filling this in over the next few days and weeks but now that the N7 units are shipping.....figured it was time to start a thread! DYNAVIN N7 Dynavin has made substantial changes to their Audio/Video/Navigation System offerings, after 3 years with the previous generation N6 head unit...
  5. Electronics
    Hi everyone! So, here is the problem. I bought aftermarket chinese stereo/navigation unit. Win CE 6.0, BMW UI interface, 7" 800x480 screen, 256 Mb RAM. Navigation is IGO (8 or Primo). The problem is that the navigation can only work together with radio. When I plug iPhone or run music from SD...
  6. Electronics
    Hello does anyone here have igo primo that works for an eonon or dynavin headunit? Ive tried downloading a few versions but none seem to work for me please help!
  7. Electronics
    Has anyone here done an upgrade to their 3 Series with premium sound where they have moved the AC controls down and put in a double din video system? Which one did you go with? I have seen the Dynavin and several others. What were your experiences? Problems? Success?
  8. Electronics
    Hey guys, Long time reader, first time poster on e46fan. I've researched a fair bit prior to installing mat dynavin clone and amp + speaker set up, yes that includes the 100+ page thread about dynavin but I'm still having a few issues. (Sorry if this has been mentioned somewhere but I haven't...
  9. Electronics
    Anyone have any experience or review from this product from the Avin USA catalog? Wondering how it performs compared to a Dynavin 99+.
  10. Electronics
    Hi there, I have a Dynavin e46 android and the touchscreen has stopped working, can anyone recommend a company who carries out repairs on these units in the UK? thanks in advanced
  11. Electronics
    Official: ///AVIN BMW E46 Full Android Multimedia Navigation System - Info and Q&A Official: ///AVIN BMW E46 Full Android Multimedia Navigation System - Info and Q&A Click Here to visit the Avant-2 Android 4.1.1 thread Hi I wanted to share with you guys the new ///AVIN BMW E46 Full...
1-11 of 50 Results