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  1. E46 General
    Can somebody please help. I have a dynavin d99 problem. The touch screen has stopped working and I'm wondering if I can factory reset it or do a firmware update? No idea how to do either. Any help will be greatly appreciated !
  2. E46 General
    Hi everyone. I know that many posts are on this subject but I haven't seen this one and would be grateful of some input. I have routed the RCA cable which came with the camera down the LHS of my car as I have seen comments about picking up interference when the cable is routed on the right due...
  3. Electronics
    Hi All, new to this forum and bimmers, so here goes. I have bought a 02 325i with a quality tape deck and want to put in a Dynavin head unit. When relocating the the climate control unit down a level, will the old CC unit fit in the hole or will I need to get a smaller unit from a later model...
  4. Electronics
    Finally got my dynavin unit which i've been hanging out for soo long. Awesome. All my friends want one. Just one huge problem with the unit. Wifi scans, authenticates the signal strenght can be excellent and it still won't go past autheticating. Why why why :banghead: So can't get my gps...
  5. Electronics
    Dynavin D99 Here we go.... Just like the threads I started in the past, Im starting an official Dynavin D99 thread since these new units are now out and shipping. Ill be adding to and filling out this post over the next few days and weeks. This thread is for D99 questions and info only. In...
1-5 of 5 Results