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  1. Electronics
    Hello everyone and thanks for reading my post :hi: I have an '03 330xi without a NAV but with Harmon-Kardon Speakers and I would like to install one of the aftermarket Double DIN units for the E46 but I am completely overwhelmed with all of the different types as well as the amount of...
  2. Electronics
    Has anybody got torque to run on their Android Dynavin by hard wiring an OBD to USB cable? I wan't to run it from the 20-pin under the dash through the firewall to keep the other one free. Any success here? If so, what cables did you use?
  3. Electronics
    I was looking at the DICE Media Bridge, but found the price pretty ridiculous considering the reported inconsistency in how it operates. I figured for the price I could get a pretty nice after-market head unit. I found several, but the Jensen VM9215BT really caught my eye. Basically it is a...
  4. Electronics
    Hi Guys :hi: I need a Fakra and Canbus cable for dynavin android as asshole from incarmedia melbourne that ripped me off sent it back unit opened and with no cords. So, who can sell me them? I'm going to try plug it in and than send unit back to dynavin to fix if it's affordable because the...
  5. Electronics
    Dynavin D99 Here we go.... Just like the threads I started in the past, Im starting an official Dynavin D99 thread since these new units are now out and shipping. Ill be adding to and filling out this post over the next few days and weeks. This thread is for D99 questions and info only. In...
1-5 of 5 Results