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dsc problem

  1. Can a bad control are bushing cause the DSC light to turn??? on?

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    I have a BMW 323i 2000 and my DSC light would always stay on. About 4 months ago I changed the Yaw Rate Sensor and Dsc light was finally functional. But now after more than 20 minutes my DSC turns on and stays illuminated. One thing I noticed and I know that is bad is the drivers side...
  2. Unusual DSC problems

    General E46 Forum
    In the last couple days I've had my DSC light flash several times. This could be cruising on the highway or light acceleration from a stop. The cruse control works as it should so I don't believe it would be a wheel speed sensor. Now with this being said I scanned the codes a week ago and was...
  3. Need help! DSC stuck On!!!

    General E46 Forum
    Okay ive done TONS of searching and i purposely did not post this in the ///M section because i need all the help i can... Okay so- rained .. My eagle eye tail lights did not seal all the way allowing water to leak in the right side Blew some fuses Burned out my corner light socket and right...
  4. 2001 E46 Yaw Sensor

    General E46 Forum
    Hey I just had my 2001 330Ci diagnosed at a local garage because the DSC and Brake light glow Amber. They told me it was the Yaw sensor, I know I have the MK60 system :( therefore, I know my car takes the more expensive sensor. The garage gave me two options. New one installed for $1600 with...
  5. DSC Off light on when its above 73degrees outside

    General E46 Forum
    OK so I've had this issue on my 2000 328i for a while now. Whenever the temperature is above about 73 degrees Fahrenheit the DSC light with the triangle and exclamation point will come on. I am pretty sure the DSC is still active as i can feel it kicking in whenever i take really sharp corners...
  6. Dsc wont turn on!

    General E46 Forum
    I just got my car back from the shop. I had the control arms, tie rods, a brake sensor, and a shock replaced. When I got it back, the DSC light was lit (traction turned off) and the button would not work to turn the traction control back on. Also, the e-brake warning light was lit yellow and the...
  7. DSC randomly coming on....great : (

    General E46 Forum
    Over the last two weeks my DSC light has came on multiple times. It comes on for maybe 30-60 seconds and blinks on and off. Ofcourse the throttle dose not reapond at all, and its really got me thinking. Last time it happened I was changing lanes around 50M.P.H. and right in the middle of me...
  8. DSC Problem !

    General E46 Forum
    Hi there i have a 320i 2003 E46 , Im having a terrible time with the DSC normally i was told that it automattically turns its self on everytime the car is started , mine did do that till about a day ago it shows me that it is completely disabled by showing the Brake Lamp Light and the Triangle...